Lessons from Charleville..

This week an inquest was held into the deaths of Jonathan O'Driscoll and his twin brothers from Charleville, Co Cork. Jonathan fatally stabbed his beloved little brothers before killing himself last year (September 2014). It was just one of a number of shocking Irish murder-suicides in recent years. Jonathan was looking for help. He had many … Continue reading Lessons from Charleville..

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Influence in Irish Politics and Medicine.

The pharmaceutical industry has a long and tangled involvement within Irish politics. Besides politics, our medical ‘experts’ have built up their training and expertise while simultaneously having a fundamental collegial relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma politics may not be news to Americans, Latvians or our British neighbours – but as Ireland is my Country … Continue reading The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Influence in Irish Politics and Medicine.

Superheroes at ‘Wicklow Glass and Glazing’..

Well Maria Bradshaw has finally landed in Ireland. Following the death of her lovely son Toran, Maria set up Casper NZ. Statistics have shown that in groups associated with Casper - a reduction of suicide by 20%. It seems inexplicable to me, that despite the billions spent on psychiatric drugs in this country, the suicide … Continue reading Superheroes at ‘Wicklow Glass and Glazing’..

The Lundbeck merry-go-round.

This November IFMAD are holding a symposium in Monte Carlo which is sponsored by an unrestricted grant from Lundbeck pharmaceuticals. IFMAD is an abbreviation for 'International Forum on Mood and Anxiety Disorders' - an unfortunate abbreviation it has to be said. Their website is also sponsored by Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals. According to their 'Lundbeck sponsored' website, IFMAD … Continue reading The Lundbeck merry-go-round.

Westminster Exposé

So myself and the poor long-suffering husband are just back from London, having attended a talk in the House of Commons given by Professor David Healy; 'Antidepressants and The Politics of Health'. The meeting was chaired by MP Jim Dobbins who has previously aired concerns about the pharmaceutical industry and its close involvement within academia, … Continue reading Westminster Exposé

A case of Involuntary intoxication?

There are some very, very tragic cases being publicly played out in Ireland at the moment. Whether the use of medication was a factor or not in these cases has not yet been established, but the following unusual case came up in the Irish courts recently. On 22nd of July Nurse Greta Dudko (pictured) pleaded not … Continue reading A case of Involuntary intoxication?

Panorama – Citalopram Causes Birth Defects

. Despite the evidence uncovered by Panorama, Lundbeck ( at 25 mins), never a company to shy away from another lie, stated - "Citalopram does not appear to be associated with an increased risk of major fetal malformations." The two unfortunate Irish babies who are logged into the Irish Medicine's Board database are not worth a mention … Continue reading Panorama – Citalopram Causes Birth Defects

The grieving mother is at it again!

This morning I was rambling around a shop in Wicklow - minding my own business. The radio was playing loudly in the background and there was a discussion on about depression. A ‘science expert’ was giving his tuppence worth, telling us how depression can be caused by low serotonin levels. I couldn't just let that … Continue reading The grieving mother is at it again!

Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

Next week BBC's Panorama team are tackling the issue of antidepressant use in pregnancy. The programme will be broadcast on Mon 1st july, entitled 'The Truth About Pills and Pregnancy'. According to the UK Independent "The programme will broadcast an interview with Anna Wilson, whose son David spent the first five weeks of his life in … Continue reading Panorama Expose on Citalopram use in Pregnancy.

When is a suicide not a suicide?

This blog was written by Brian today. His blog 'AntiDepAware' is such a revelation. His knowledge on prescription drug-induced deaths, coupled with brilliant investigational skills, surpasses no-one that I'm aware of. It may come as no surprise that most of the victims in this particular blog were on Citalopram. Despite drug companies admitting that antidepressants … Continue reading When is a suicide not a suicide?