Panorama – A Prescription for Murder. This week the BBC aired a Panorama documentary titled 'A Prescription for Murder' which has stirred some much-needed debate on the mind-altering effects of SSRIs. The very-astute presenter Shelley Jofre is known for tackling ground-breaking medical-related issues, including 'Who's Paying Your Doctor' and 'The Secrets of Seroxat'. (Due to the circumstances surrounding my son … Continue reading Panorama – A Prescription for Murder.

Automatism and the Insanity Defence

David Healy - Hearts and Minds- Psychotropic Drugs and Violence (30/04/2013) . There is so much evidence that Psychotropic drugs can cause suicide and violence. Anyone who is considering their doctor's advice recommending these drugs; please inform yourself of the possible consequences and watch this video first, courtesy of Cases mentioned (In order): Mat Miller … Continue reading Automatism and the Insanity Defence

Drugged to death by Cipramil?

  WESTERN DAILY PRESS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2005  Drugged to death?  Stephen Leggett set fire to himself just five days after starting a course of antidepressants. As an inquest into his suicide reopens tomorrow, his wife Rosalind tells SUSIE WELDON why she is convinced that the drug drove him to take his own life. Patients … Continue reading Drugged to death by Cipramil?