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Our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in the United States and Europe. Around half of those who die have taken their drugs correctly; the other half die because of errors, such as too high a dose or use of a drug despite contraindications. Our drug agencies are not particularly helpful, as they rely on fake fixes, which are a long list of warnings, precautions, and contraindications for each drug, although they know that no doctor can possibly master all of these – Peter C. Gøtzsche.


My son Shane was 22 when he died – 17 days after being prescribed the SSRI citalopram for a ‘relationship break-up’. This off-label prescribing of mind-altering SSRI antidepressants is common practice, globally – despite the U.S. and European warnings of increased suicidality and agression. Indeed, this year in Dolin v GSK (2017), it emerged that paroxetine (branded as Paxil and Seroxat) increases the risk of suicide by a massive 8.9%. For a comprehensive list of all SSRI and SNRI antidepressants, see SSRI Stories here. An account of Shane’s case can be viewed here by 1boringoldman (retired psychiatrist Micky Nardo) and on Dr David Healy’s site here. For any family who finds themselves in a similar situation to ours, I am truly sorry – the following reports and papers might be of help to you. The links below detail what we have done since Shane’s death and what we have learned since. For comprehensive information on any medication, click on the RxISK picture below or use the search tool on the right.

For anyone contemplating going on antidepressant medication, please inform yourself first of the risks. These drugs are far from harmless, yet are handed out like they are Smarties. The black-box and EU warnings that attach to these drugs are there precisely because they are dangerous. Making an informed decision was a luxury which we as a family never had; hence Shane is dead. If a doctor or psychiatrist says that SSRIs are harmless; ignore them, he/she is an idiot. Don’t let yourself or a family member add to the vast collateral damage associated with these drugs. I hope the following can help:


Professor Healy’s Report March 2010 – for Shane’s Inquest.

FDA Antidepressant Guide; Here

EU Warning; Here

EU Warning upped to 25; Here

Example Black Box warning; Here


Irish Psychiatry and the ‘Shane Clancy Affair’. Here.


Our meeting with the drug company (Lundbeck). Link. 

The Dáil; Here

The Seanad (Senate); Here

Leinster House with the experts; Here

IHRC Recommendations; Here


Withdrawal guide – Healy_Withdrawal_July_09[1

Medical Council Complaint- Link.

Solicitors Letters from Patricia Casey – one and two.

Warnings of self harm and harm to others, Lundbeck’s  Dear Dr. letter, Citalopram Heart Warning.



*About me.

EMA – SSSRI Suicide/Aggression Link  and FDA Link


1: ‘Antidepressants and Violence; Prof. David Healy et al, here or download here.

2. ‘Suicidality, Violence and Mania Caused by SSRIs; Dr Peter R Breggin here.

3. Drugs associated with violence. Here.

4. The Systemic Correlation Between Psychiatric Medications and Unprovoked Mass Murder in AmericaJeanne M. Stolzer Here.

5. Case Histories As Evidence. David Healy et al. Here.

6. SSRIs and Involuntary Intoxication Defense. Wade C. Myers et al. Here.

7. Fort Hood Shooters. Donald J Farber, Attorney at Law. Here.

8. Prescribed drugs and violence: a case/noncase study in the French PharmacoVigilance Database. Rouve et al. Here.

9. Antidepressant-induced akathisia-related homicides associated with diminishing mutations in metabolizing genes of the CYP450 family. Lucire et al. Here.

10. Precursors to suicidality and violence on antidepressants: systematic review of trials in adult healthy volunteers. Bielefeldt et al. Here.

11. Suicidality and aggression during antidepressant treatment: systematic review and meta-analyses based on clinical study reports. Sharma et al. Here.

12.  Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors versus placebo in patients with major depressive disorder. A systematic review with meta-analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis. Jakobsen et al. Here.

13. Antidepressants and suicide among young women in Sweden 1999–2013. Janne Larsson. Here. 




39 thoughts on “Useful information

  1. There has to be corruption; any time there’s money involved in any way, there’s always going to be corruption close on its tail.
    I was reading the article on the actual decrease in Serotonin levels and it makes perfect sense, because if the body becomes dependent on an alien substance, as opposed to producing it itself, then it will become lowered. That would be like the fact that doctors hand out anti-biotics constantly these days, to the point where people are always on anti-biotics because their own bodies don’t create antibodies independently to protect them against infection. Instead of the body being equipped to protect itself, the antibodies are decreased and you’re subsequently relying on an alien substance.
    The point about these drugs, also, is that GPs are not trained in psychology to hand them out. Whatever their motive is for prescribing anti-depressants, I don’t see it being justified as they won’t be monitoring that patient sufficiently as to know the side-effects of the drug. The fact of the matter is that if you’re losing touch with reality as a result of tablets you’ve been prescribed, then you’re going to be the last one to know about it! It takes an outsider to realise that you’re slowly losing it, i.e. a trained professional. Unfortunately, a patient will put their faith in the GP in that they think they will prescribe what’s best for you, when they actually don’t. Would it not make more sense to advise the patient to see a psychologist and talk about their problems, rather than temporarily shutting them up with drugs.


    1. Thanks CJ,
      I don’t really understand though…I though we were so lucky to live in Ireland and to come from a country that doesn’t suppress people and where people’s lives were more important than pharmaceutical profits!


      1. Half the people in Ireland are asleep and the other half are dozing and don’t want to know what’s really going on until it hit’s their own doorstep.


  2. I was prescrided Seroxat (another SSRI) for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in 1999. Every time I went back & said it wasnt working they upped the dose from 30mgs to 40 to 50 – I then tried to hang myself.
    I was never suicidal in the first place. I also suffered horrific withdrawal symptom coming off Seroxat for months. When I contacted Irish Medicines Board they told me to fill out a yellow card at my GP (not John of Gods)To cut a long story short, I got one, filled it out, my GP signed it & sent it to IMB. They said they never got it. My GP (way beyond the call of duty) Sent it by post, Fax & courier – the only resposnse ever was to say they received it. They are getting funding from the likes of Glaxo, Lilly etc – why would they invesigate a drug – sick but true!


    1. Hi Rory,
      Thanks for your support from the very start..I’m so glad you’re still
      here to help people like us. I have e-mailed the Irish medicines board countless times about the warnings on the patient information leaflets on ssri’s but they just keep fobbing me off so I’m not surprised that you got no response.


  3. One reason it continues in my view is that although Politicians, Estate agents, Bankers etc are often assumed to be untrustworthy. Civil society, a house, and money don’t mean much if a person is very ill or dead, to be betrayed in the area of medicine is inconceivable to the public so they don’t conceive it.

    Hence the phrase “Trust me I’m a Doctor” they don’t even need to prove themselves, the name is good enough.

    “Trust me Im a Banker / Estate agent / Polititian” don’t have to same ring to them.

    I’ve warned people but they don’t believe me even though I always cite official sources such as the House of Commons fourth report 2005 on the influence of the Pharmaceutical industry, the MHRA is 100% funded by Pharma. Psychiatry and Pharma is lethal, more US soldiers die OUTSIDE the combat zone (according to the 4th army report).

    It takes a while, Arther Schopenhaours 3 stages of the truth (ridicule, harsh opposition then finally the truth and people laughing from the other side of their stupid face) are said to take 10 years each and we are at the beginning of the 3rd decade.

    “Psychiatrist” will someday have as much negative connetation as “Peado”, (on that note 33% of all sex crimes within medicine are by psychiatrists).


  4. I know from personal experience how dangerious these drugs are. I forced a Psychiatrist who lied to me about reporting my adverse reaction to do so by contacting the IMB and outing his lie. They contacted him and that resulted in the ADR being recorded.


    1. Hi Geraldine,
      I had missed your comment before, so just wanted to say well done to you for making sure that the IMB were aware of your ADR. Psychiatrists in Ireland are a disgrace and cannot comprehend that these drugs can do more harm than good, either that or they are covering up for the drug companies who pay them.


  5. I would like to commend you, on your informative blog, and to express my condolences on the loss of your son. I have read your story and watched your late late show interview and it is evident that you did everything possible to help Shane. Not many young men confide in their mother and fathers of their mental anguish. It is a testiment to your parenting and closeness of your family that he felt he could lean on you in his darkest hours. All that was undone by misinformation and a over-emphasis on medicating lifes difficulties in our healthcare system. Interestingly, when Shane was initially seen by a GP, he was advised to try diet and exercise for a wk. If the doctor had continued to prescribe diet, exercise and counselling, he could have saved the life of Shane and the other young man. We as a society need to accept that emotional pain and distress cannot be medicated away.


    1. Thanks Linda,
      Yes, Shane was just a really kind young man and he had no difficulty telling anyone how he was feeling. Medicating a broken heart seems ridiculous doesn’t it? Unfortunately it still goes on and patients are not informed of the possible consequences. This will no doubt change and is changing as we speak, where more and more doctors and medical professionals are willing to speak out. The days of old Ireland where doctors and psychiatrists were seen as God-like creatures are long over. Good riddance to that way of thinking.


  6. I’m Jason Edwards sister in law. I also commend you. my sister also is trying to get justice for Jason.These doctors actions will never be in question as the brick walls the have around them are so protected. It takes people like yourself and my sister to break them down and show them for what they really are. The courage my sister has shown in these past 2 years is highly commendable, all prayers are for justice to be done. Life goes on as people say and yes they are right, but moving on is a entirely different matter. It’s been 2 years and 3 months since we lost Jason so tragically, our lives will never be the same again.


    1. Hi Kelly,
      I am so sorry that your sister has lost Jason and that their two little girls have lost their dad due to these drugs. Can you tell her that I have so much respect for her raising the adverse reaction that Jason had from these drugs at his Inquest?
      It’s such a pity that the Coroner didn’t take her concerns into account. If Jason did have an adverse reaction to these drugs, and his partner would be the best person to know, then a suicide verdict is wrong. He would obviously not have died by suicide if he had not been taking these drugs!
      You’re right, there is no moving on. He sounds like a lovely man, what a terrible waste of a young man’s life. They say that life begins at 40 but due to these drugs, Jason’s life was ended way before his time.
      Much respect to you and your sister,


    2. You will never get justice in this corrupt country. The best you can hope for is a measure of satisfaction from the knowledge you didn’t let it go unchallenged. I’ve spent all my life affected by the workings of psychiatry, 23 of those years involved in legal action which has just sat in the courts and never had a hearing. They want to throw me a few peanuts to settle but I’m no monkey.


      1. If you want justice you must look after your own health number one priority .
        In a broad sense, total health for the total person is combination of physical,mental emotional social and spiritual components,
        Keeping the body totally fit and functional is no job of the careless person.It requires an understanding of the body,sound health and eating practices ,and disciplined living.The results of such a regimen can be measured in happiness,a radiant health,peace of mind in the joy of living and achivement
        The way of the psychiatrist when effective drugs became available, psychiatrist took that ball and ran with it.They’re been running ever since.In 1950 schizophrenia was commonly believed by a psychiatrist to be caused by faulty mothering.Nowadays they blame is put on genetic viral and biochemical causes more morally neutral territory.
        Depression is a sign that there some issue that needs to be brought to light and dealt with consciously.Taking active steps to deal with sources of chronic stress like unemployment or social isolation is one of the most important ways to emotional strengthen oneself.
        If the person blames himself for it or feels powerless to do anything about it ?he is far more likely to become depressed.Than if he continues to make active efforts to overcome the problem .We all need somebody to confide in.
        When it comes to dealing with other people ,the healthiest situation seems to be when you can express your needs,but not to the point of demanding control over others.Many studies have shown that Cognitive therapy is highly effective and superior to medication any good conventional psychiatrist know this.Attention should also be paid to the depressed person life style whether If he is getting enough of exercise a nutritious diet?.Only when all the factors in a person life that contributed to his depression have been dealt with can a treatment really be said to have been adequate, and only then will a relapse of depression be unlikely to occur.Best wishes
        Become your own philosopher.N Kelly


  7. This is Simon’s brother, I would like to know more about this drug and the way it is prescribed.

    Not looking to blame anyone but need to make others aware.


    1. Hi Andy,

      I see from your e-mail address that you’re Simon Tiplady’s brother; I’ve tidied the post up for you and put in a few links which you might find interesting. My apologies, in my defense, it was an earlier one and my writing skills were a little messy. (I’ve improved just a little!)

      I am so sorry that your brother died in those circumstances, I know only too well the devastation Citalopram can leave behind. Three months after Simon died, my son, who never had a violent bone in his body, killed himself and another young man. He had been on Citalopram for 17 days.

      I would say that, going on the facts in the newspaper, Simon’s death looks very likely to be caused by Citalopram. I will give you some links and e-mail you later with more information. is a great one and you will find plenty of information there, particularly on Citalopram.
      Dr David Healy is the world leading expert in these type of drugs (SSRIs); His website is…. type Citalopram in the search box and you will get lots of information.

      I should have said first, I am so sorry that you lost your brother and sorrier that Simon is no longer around to fulfill whatever hopes and dreams he had. He sounded like a lovely young man.



  8. Psychiatry & Big Pharma can only win if you let them. If you believe you can’t beat them then you are already defeated and will not even try to whup their ass. Believe you can beat them and you will.


  9. there are more suicides because not taking the’re maybe responsible for that, because of fearing them with your highly irrational blog, based of understandable emotions. it’s easy to blame a medicine for the tragedy but to forget that this medicine is mostly prescribed in situations in which suicide is sooner or later a “symptom” of the desease. you thinking youre acting for the good, but you’re harming people with your irrational vendetta.


    1. That’s it, keep your head well buried in the sand and be an idiot all of your life. I have no idea why people make comments when they have absolutely no experience or knowledge of the subject they are talking about. Keep taking the tablets idiot.


  10. What needs to be done is cut the funding of psychiatry and outlaw their drug treatments. Then it will be possible to bring in a humane system that really helps those in emotional distress. I will not hold my breath waiting for that to happen though because the powers that be still has their heads stuck where the sun doesn’t shine.


  11. I am not a member of The Citizens Commission on Human Rights or affiliated with their organisation in any way, or indeed the Church of Scientology which they are linked to. Regardless of that I firmly believe with my whole heart they are providing 100% correct information regarding the evils perpetrated by the Psychiatry profession. Truth is stranger than fiction when we are gullible enough to believe that Psychiatric Doctors goes by the Hippocratic Oath of “First Do No Harm”. This Evil Profession is protected by Evil Governments the world over and they have no conscience about what they do to their fellow human beings.
    All I can say is Educate yourself, that is the only way you can possible protect yourself and the ones you love. Keep an open mind and check out The Citizens Commission on Human Rights website.
    The information you discover may just save your life or the life of someone you care about.


  12. An unemployed person severely depressed fighting an urge to end their life has no choice but to take whatever medication they are lucky to receive. Remove the medication you leave zero help and treatment for people like me. Do you have an alternative to medication that will be available right now this minute and not some time in the distant future?


    1. Any idiot who thinks a person has no choice and are lucky to receive psychotropic drugging which leaves a person in a state of being a compliant zombie most certainly needs their head examined. And if they think there is a quick fix to take away the pain of depression without getting down to the root causes and conditions and go straight through the pain in order to come out the other end then they are living in fantasy land. Antidepressants do not relieve or lift depression, in fact they deepen depression and mask the condition and your distant future becomes darker then ever.Take that from one who had been deprived of ever knowing their own father because of psychiatry and one who walked through the mental health system, seen how they operated, researched their origin, seen the light and challenged their authority through the Courts because I refused to be put down like a dog. There is help available other than the mental health system but don’t expect some magic wand, you only get out of it what you put into it. Psychiatry is an abusive system, it destroys rather than heal, they are liars and deceivers and will break your spirit if you let them. They are the Ultimate Betrayal


      1. Been on Benzo’s & Zispin/Mirtazipine since 2000
        Now on :
        Zispin 30mgs
        Valium 5 X 4 times
        Lexapro 20mgs
        Stilnoct 10mgs
        LYRICA 200 X 3 times daily
        I’m happish, but numb
        Lyrica makes me forget anything I’ve done

        Please Please Help me!!!!!!


      2. You are the idiot , When you are completely exhausted with anxiety levels through the roof 24/7 with no hope of reversing things on your own and the only treatment is chemical you take it and say Thank God for the Doctors and researchers who have made this available, I have taken antidepressants they have turned my life around and saved me from dying by complete emotional exhaustion or suicide, I have no money to pay for treatment i am living on €9,400 a year , I am suffering from agoraphobia for thirty years, The State will not provide any treatment i have to pay to see a GP and pay for Prozac, I have contacted Orla Barry CEO of mental Health Ireland for assistance she has offered zero , Nothing .
        I am a regular on Mental Health Ireland twitter feed where i keep pointing out i contacted them for help and received nothing and questioning why they exist , But they ignore it along with everyone else who visit their site and leave comments. When your down and out you really are on your own with no light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry for calling you an idiot this is real life for me i tend to lash out when i feel i am being dismissed yet again.


  13. Give yourself more time ,and more space,be quite ruthless with this when you are ill it must be your top priority not to allow yourself to be stressed by anyone or anything if you are to get well again.Don’t do anything you don’t feel like doing don’t allow visit from people who are likely from the past experience,to drain you.You have the best excuse in the world,perhaps for the first time in your life for choosing not meet outside expectations for a while you are not well.Love yourself uncoditionally.
    Healing yourself is also about being honest and upfront with your true feelings.Side by side with awareness of the importace of the immune system in maintaining health is your increasing recognition of the part played by the mind and feelings in both causing and healing illness.Experts agree we need 60 different variety of nutrients for good health maybee your doctor can help you or refer you to a professional nutritionist.
    The solution to any problem lies in the causes.The development of professional power does not rest only on securing rights over knowledge and practice -it is crucially based on interactive relationhips such as wishes.N Kelly


  14. I can understand people’s frustration. In my experience, drugs seldom make people happy, whether legal or illegal. Although, that said, a bit of emotional blunting can work well. Whatever works! If the drugs are working, then keep taking them – just be informed.
    There is also a major problem with withdrawal, so many of these drugs cannot be stopped cold turkey and require a detailed and very slow withdrawal plan.
    There are no quick fixes. No drug or MH programme works instantly. I found Tom O’Brien, nutritional and herbal expert, works wonders – but with hard work and cooperation. Nothing is achieved instantaneously.
    You okay Rory? You have my number – anything I can do?


  15. Difficult situations can force us to grow know yourself Socrates said
    Be yourself Freud said
    Love yourself Christ said
    Changing ourselves means that we love ourselves
    The kind of person I became is determined by how I choose to handly life’s situations
    In any situation, we must first look ourselves, and then outwardly to know how we’ll deal with a person or situation .This is how we maintain sanity in an insane world which is always trying to control us in one form or another.
    When we face up to life with all its insecurities and anbiguities, we develop is a gift of the holy spirit, who is always working in our life situations wether we recognize this or not.

    If we are open to life,if we are filter it through our Christian principles and values, if we are in touch with ourselves and surrounding evenly …This is the faith dimension of life that assumes us God is always present not only to straightening us but enlightening and calling us through the human pain and turmoil to further growth.In the long run the painful reality of changing oneslef, and learning to cope with whatever is difficul, is the basic goal of life.
    I am a non national who came to Ireland as a teenager and have experienced the ups and downs of life without parental or family support.I have made a sucess of my life and educated myself despite facing difficulties with my written english.I had courage to keep going.I have an interest in psychology sociolgy and philosophy .There is no quick fix life is difficult .
    One of the marvels of the human person is the ability to adjust Indeed it is the key to life
    N Kelly .

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Donella you are lucky that you haven’t had to experience a severe adverse reaction leaving you suicidal every minute of everyday
    .there is no words for this torture. These people who lost their lives were being tortured because of the medication. I read a lot of people like me, before their lives were destroyed by psychiatry were still working just experienced normal life pain anxiety..thre is no comparison between that and this torture from the drug itself..I wouldn’t imagine there would be anything in life like it ..I’m sorry for your suffering though but most people are taking these drugs uninformed certainly when I went on them 16 years ago then my health suspiciously worsened there were no blank box warnings. I also had fleeting suicidal thoughts before the meds but nothing like this help..I could have lived with what I had before. If you ever done off them go to survivingantidepressants the clue is in the name
    The doctors don’t even know how to get people off safely.


  17. Change your doctor:
    tell him what you want don’t let anybody crush your spirit.
    It is important to be with kind people who nurture and support you,during times of crisis.A caring friend is the best medicine.
    We all experience bad days and difficulties In our lives.Often our habit we’ve fallen into.It’s important to realise you always have a choice.Remain calm and look for solution
    As a non-national,living in Ireland for many years I can write a book about racial discrimination .and I will in the near future to help other people. Keep the faith don’t lose your perseverance and always trust your instinct .
    On a recent visit to keep fit classes I was approx 5 mins late for class when I tried to gain admission the instructor refused me admission as the instructor state I was late I accepted his refusal and went away.The following day two ladies arrived in the classes half hour late what the instructor did ?welcomed enthusiastically and warmly to the class to my astonishment.I did not react.But when I went home I thought about this is discrimination,I wrote a letter to the committee state the facts I would like to know why is there this discrimination and what rules and regulations are in place,and this practice allowed by the management and are you are aware of this?I feel this is an act of discrimination and I would like an immediate investigation.
    Have your own mind
    Seek information from internet Peter Breggin videos how to give up medication or his book. Terry Lynch is Irish caring therapist .A sense of purpose can enable you to overcome the challenges in life.Identify what you like.You never going to feel authentic with medication for your brain .A strong sense of purpose will fill you motivation and enthusiasm.
    I wish you well never give up.


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