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  1. Medicine
    Has been able to create and sustain its professional status through a variety of strategies.The key process is that of closure:the ability to keep others out of the field of operation of the professional group.The most effective way to do this is through registration,backed up by legislation.This requires the state to give legal backing to a range of occupational practice.
    control of all others in the field
    Access to restricted substances ,prescription drugs.The relationship of trust is build very much ón the types of knowledge: For decades doctors and psychiatrists have defended the use and efficacy of psychiatric drugs, from declaring that they ‘revolutionised the treatment of depression’1 to just plain ‘lifesaving’2. Indeed Irish Psychiatrist Patricia Casey has proclaimed that antidepressants are lifesaving and that for early improvement in ‘clinical’ depression, ‘antidepressants are the best and often the only option’3. I dont agree with her opinion to adress the debate about antidepressants I suggest to adress the major types of social injustices in education in the policy domain there is need to have closer alliance between social scientiest and egalitarian theorists.

    The issue of the professionalism of health care is very much linked to that of medicalisation.Psychiatric Drugs:Professionalisation is the process whereby an occupational group is able to claim special status for itself.Many conditions are defined as being interest to medicine;previously taken to be non-medical,are now grounds for consulting a doctor psychatrist.Forms of behaviour previously seen as deviant are now defined as medical problems:bad behaviour by children is now hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder,shoplifting is kleptomania.If you have extra marital affair is illness if you are too fat is obesity illness,if you fail an exam you need medication,the list is endless.
    Alcoholism is likely to result in admision to psychatric institutions in Ireland and more likely to be viewed as the result of personality or social factor.
    I have study sociology and psychology and the knowledge I got from this modules gave mé the confidence to question everything. Thomas Szasz 1961was sharply critical of the regimes of psychiatry,in particual how psychatric terminology and practice were being used to respond to social probelmes such as crime and povertyIvan Illich 1976 was critical of the whole medical industry bureaucracy and hiyghlighted the perverse role of medicine in creating illness through inappropriate and incopenent intervetions.Foucault saw the intitutions techniques and discourse of medicne along wiht other state systems ,as a means of cotrolling populations


  2. Nafsica-All that you’ve written strikes me as a fair and insightful take on ‘Professionalisation’ and ‘Medicalisation’ as you’ have variously described these trends in connection with Psychiatry.

    Psychiatry has a long history of indulging in cruel and far out Pseudo Medical behaviours and whereas ice picks are no longer driven through upper eyelids into forebrains as in the 1960’s, or its captives treated to alternate hot and freezing cold baths, ad hoc whippings, full spectrum teeth extractions and so forth; Psychiatry appears to have morphed through state and Corporate sponsorships into the role of ‘Change’ Agent cum Social Priesthood.

    These Acolytes of doom and disruption having no credible ‘scientific’ premises of their own, are led to glean and extrapolate in controlling and divisive Social and Eugenicist terms from Lab rat and other Methodologised Animal and Human Behavioural and Biological Experimentation and in diverse synthetic ways and means connected to Medicine, Law, Neurology, Chemistry, Communications Technology, Cybernetics, Space Research and other futuristic frameworks; Psychology being a front that Psychiatry outranks within the current Political and Economically driven and dialectically welded scheme of things; and Psychiatrists are invariably pleased to present alongside as well as hidden behind Medicine and Psychology as method for concealing stealthy advances and insidious approaches.. A wolf in sheep’s clothing… that Szasz called, ‘The Science of Lies’.

    And where would Psychiatry be without the Film Industry;’below the line’ Newspaper advertisements and TV revelations in the form of soapy and neatly scripted melodramatic outpourings from Celebrities, Pharma Shills and rising stars about living with or being ‘treated’ for ‘Bipolar Disorder’, ‘Depression’ and so forth?

    Take away these softly softly touches and would not sufficient non brainwashed causes remain to see Biological Psychiatry in its true light as deviant, exploitive, invidious in its designs and on the whole symptomatic of a high handed, ultra critical and lucrative form of Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy?


    1. There are limited number of jobs that are prestigious and high paying, that these are availabel to those with high educational credentials,and that the attainment of such credential references socioeconomic background.Opportunity is very unequal for the poorer classes.Lack of access to your chosen topic means the wrong people are in the wrong jobs for the wrong reasons.When social inequality is percieved a natural phenomenon, it needs no other explanation.Very few people reach their potential.If political leaders are not prepared to face up to the fact that poverty and mental health as an evil in the society which must be removed -can only tackle by application of policies which are radical and costly, then there is can be no hope.The point must be made that equality in the full sense may never be achievable but the eradication of structures which removes inequality from area of random chance and institutionalises it must be a major objective.

      I will go further the health of old people and extend their life span; they look to doctors for cures for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers’s and other degenerative disorders common to elderly.This ignores the fact that successful ageing is far more than the avoidance of disease, although that is important.Many of us know for a long time stress makes many diseases worse.Even if you don’t have disease financial losses, death in the family.Your life and happiness depend on your operation of this switchboard.How can you take care of yourself?Knowledge is power, education is the power we all know towards emotional health and clear thinking is the foundation of self -esteem.
      The reason there ‘s no correlation between the amount spent on so called health care, or the number of doctors in a country, is likely to be because neither the health care system nor doctors are making much impact on the cause of disease.What is the root of the problem?If you train to be a doctor you learn lots about how to treat disease but you’ll learn nothing about what health is and how to have lots of it. Patrick Holford
      Providing we have motivation and willingness to work hard and consistently, few things are beyond our grasp
      If you want to stay healthy and happy and keep your mind intact in the 21st century isn’t a luxury.No person no place, and nothing has any power over us, for we are the only thinkers in our mind. It’s a necessity to take responsibility even the health professions increases, and specialism multiply, there is increasing scepticism of there power. .
      Very low self esteem can mean helplessness,powerlessness and even depression.Our foundation for self esteem begins as childern and follows us through out our lives.High self esteem can assist a person in weathering the storm and help us get though life’s disappoitments.
      McCulllagh 1995 suggest that sociology should ask not who commit most crime but who causes most social harm white collar criminal…It is very clear psychiatrist is a very toxic profession and people taking medication for poverty, difficulties or lacking confidence make me feel very sad.Culture and civilisation have been sustained by the idle rich who endeavoured to attain standards of perfection.Functionalist justifies social inequality would destroy the achievement orientation and the motivation to make an effort.Dysfunctionality restricts competition and hinders meritocracy.Once inequality is establish people experience an unequal chance of developing their talents.We need more people like Thomas Zass around. N Kelly


  3. Concerning Psychiatry and Psychology, these functions appear to have been envisaged from around a hundred years ago and were tailored (most recently in the U.S) to suit one another and function more or less jointly and severally in surreal and helpful ways respectively; the former overbearing against and being morally surpassed by the latter as method for achieving temporary and far reaching changes in connection with Medical and Social functions as well as other services and controls.

    I fully agree with your observations on the unfulfilled hopes and expectations that people may have when seeking cures for Cancers and other degenerative diseases and I’m aware of some of the frustrations and limitations some doctors feel in circumstances where stock medical solutions appear to be lacking or which by various ways and means may have been withheld.

    According to Szasz, alcoholics generally see the causes of their addiction in a different light to that of Psychologists and Psychiatrists. I wonder if similar might apply in connection with people suffering from ‘Alzheimer’s Disease’. Whereas I understand this condition has been declared Medical in origins. I don’t offhand know how/by what methods that judgement was arrived at whether through Medical Pathology or in other ‘Evidence Based’ terms that have opened the door for drugs to be prescribed as treatments for same.

    Concerning forensic/ pre crime notions linked to defining criminal trends as per class; I would not wish to see a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Criminal Disorders operating in ‘Evidence Based’ terms along such lines, although I guess that something of the sort might already exist in ‘algorithmic’ and Actuarial terms for insurance purposes and where it may be deemed desirable to single out certain types i.e. obese and other classes of persons for special forms of ‘treatment’.

    I believe your observation about the wasting properties and deleterious effects of synthetic substitutes for brain functions makes perfect sense and particularly in view of the fact that these substances can and do undermine, derange and spellbind recipients and render them more open to suggestions and partly through often acute memory loss due perhaps to the increased death rate of brain cells and quelling of neuronal interactions as may in effect be experienced both during and subsequent to drug withdrawal.

    Whereas I don’t agree with all that Szasz wrote, he was for sure a notable and likeable figure who spoke his mind at the right time, he being instrumental in highlighting key and exclusive differences between Medicine and the Pseudo Medical science known as (Bio)Psychiatry. But as far as I’m aware he did not choose to address, or write about the important ‘Trauma model’ of mental illness as Colin Ross and others have done, he preferring instead to nominate ‘malingering’ as the most common cause and intention both underpinning and involving various forms of awry behaviours.’.

    It would be helpful during the interim in these fast changing times for families and neighbours to do as they have always aimed to do by watching out for old people as well as ensuring warmth and nourishment as well as interacting in non condescending ways to include hospital visiting and partly in order to safeguard against Evidence Based Eugenicist leanings that may now be in vogue and which will tend to arise under current initiatives for improving ‘Palliative Care’.

    Nafsica, you put us all or me at least to shame with your strong and pertinent reminders about fitness, exercise. and so forth.. But I must close for now as I’m having repetitive computer problems and somehow lost my opening paragraph in reply to your above initial comments. I shall aim to further respond in due course..


  4. In further reply:

    Prestigious careers at high levels may indeed be marked by a requirement for peculiar attributes over and above standard requirements for academic qualifications and in particular where a privileged socio-economic background may be deemed essential, but such may not always be the deciding factor in higher spheres of employment. .

    Wearing the old school tie, imparting a funny handshake and responding to questions at interview in ways that indicate not just prestige but higher business connections and a willingness to maintain and exploit them may also be deciding factors. In more everyday fields there can be other forms of discrimination as well as including a tendency for people to help friends or family get work in their own field of employment on other than a meritocratic basis.

    Yes, the absence of disease may not by itself be an indicator of optimum health. Modern farming methods involving repetitive overuse of nitrates, pesticides and genetic modification of seed stocks may partly be the cause for the unhealthy loss of minerals in vegetables and another foods. But the tendency to take nutritional and medicative supplements and adding synthetic pro-biotic substances to staple foods may need to be as carefully monitored as the encroachment of pseudo science into medicine.

    I agree with your comments about ‘stress’. Whereas by and large more stable and pensionable careers go to the highest and best qualified, ordinary folk may often be stuck with a series of employments that may afford no lasting stability over time. Such instability may be the cause of people taking jobs on a needs must basis for which they may not educationally and temperamentally be well suited, hence the advent of various forms of stress into their lives which may be reflected in their dealings with others.

    Of course, there are many more idle poor than idle rich. But many idle poor may to a greater extent be the product of economic considerations that regard high unemployment as desirable and in ways that can create the necessity to uproot or disjoin family ties in order to secure work farther afield as the only available option.

    Economic manoeuvring of this sort appears to have many causes at source. In some Sociological circles family ties are regarded as an evil on a par with nationalism. But that is another story entirely.

    The manner in which you have structured and emphasised your concerns speaks of other than routine Sociological thinking. I hope you will continue to question everything and argue your concerns as you proceed along that challenging route and in so far as combined conscientious study of Sociology and Psychology can open doors to wider opportunities.


  5. Mindset is proving attractive to some educator.
    the next 10 -20 years, Dr Kathryn Asbury

    Sociology and psychology can open the door for who?I manage to raise a good family.
    I seeing myself as unique, I have recognised that I have specifics gifts talents and purpose unlike anyone else. First of all my feelings are the source of my energy; they provide the horsepower that makes it possible for me to keep going but even though at University I was engaging with discussion …I Couldn’t understand in the report remind me to keep appraised of the discussion.I love discussion but I was excluded. I had a lot to say.
    By failing to engage with me this person did grave injustices.Ireland remains a relatively homogenous society in cultural terms.It is a complex issue.No research can analyse in much depth of my personal experienced as an immigrant. Declining performance along with the tutor expectations.I have learned from experience education could follow medicine and psychiatrist DSM, genetics predictors of learning strengths and weaknesses

    This is what formal education plays a foundational role in determining the character of the political, economic and socio-cultural life of any given society.Your abilities are carved in a stone.Nothing is fixed, Genes tell you what is, but not what could be.Inequality is not morally neutral subject because those who are subject to serious injustice experienced serious damage and deprivation.
    The nature of power consequently political power is unrelated to goodness or wisdom.Very stupid and very evil people haver worked as kings upon the earth.Spiritual power, however, resides entirely with the individual and has nothing to do with the capacity to coerce others.

    Nature of power
    Someone who is approaching the peak of spiritual evolution is like someone at the peak of political power..There is no one to blame, no one to tell you how to do it.

    People of great spiritual power may be wealthy and may upon on upon occasion occupy, political positions of leadership, but they are likely to be poor and lacking spiritual power.
    I am expert of living every day my life
    We cannot consider knowing something unless we have experienced.Our personal involvement in the fight against right from wrong is the way we grow. I am aware of my humble beginning.I was eating Probiotics foods every day without been aware the name.Life is for learning.I have no attention to give up. Nafsica Kelly


  6. I’m not sure what might be uppermost in your mind in connection with proposed future ‘mindsets’ although study of Psychology and Sociology can indeed open doors towards a professional career for whoever might have the desire and aptitude to pursue same.

    Having said that, I know of a woman who quit her high paying job as a Psychologist because she was repeatedly thwarted in her attempts to help drug addled patients at the UK brain demolition factory in which she worked as well as from within the psych drugged community at large. She came to realise that Psychology was scripted to play second fiddle in a mute sort of way to (Bio)Psychiatry at that particular psych hospital, except for algorithmically graded support to the chosen few. If she’d been an immigrant she might have given up at that
    point. However she wasn’t and she didn’t. Instead she gave her employer a piece of her mind and her pleas were rejected.

    ‘Remind me (yourself or your tutor?) to keep appraised of the discussion’ It seems that that subtle comment could mean whatever one might choose it to mean or as method for disengaging from meaningful dialogue in a supercilious and therefore unjust manner. .

    I agree with your comments about education. I’m not well up on proposed future mindsets although I have occasionally watched ‘The Teletubbies’.

    ‘Someone who is approaching the peak of spiritual evolution is like someone at the peak of political power’ .There is no one to blame, no one to tell you how to do it”. I’m not a fan of Scott Peck nor in particular T. De Chardin from whom some of his more high flown ideas appear to have been borrowed.

    “Spiritual power, however, resides entirely with the individual and has nothing to do with the capacity to coerce others”. Ideally perhaps but I don’t know and can’t think of anyone I know who is like that.

    “Inequality issues’ are not ‘morally neutral”. That seems to be the case and I guess that individuals may have different axes to grind within the context of that mixed framework, although I’m not sure that all forms of injustice and deprivation can be reduced to equality issues. On a social scale what usually seems to happen is that these issues are dressed up in political and economic attire and then danced around the Bastille of prevailing mores in a seedy ritual that rounds upon anyone who might object and with the outcome that their head
    is delivered somewhere in a basket; the result being that either chaos or more liberal and opposing attitudes might ensue on a divide and rule basis. But I guess much could depend on who might be framing equality laws and the calibre of any measures deployed to sustain them in view of all else that might be at stake..

    I accept in part your comments about genetic make up as an inherited basis if not always a future predictor of health and well being, although I’m not an expert.

    I seems we may be on the same page but with different viewpoints and emphases.

    Yes, people who have not experienced particular forms of adversity at first hand will neither essentially know nor may they even care about another’s feelings and experiences. On the other hand the woman who gave up her job knew the way forward but likewise was rejected. Yet, we may all of us live and learn from day to day and all credit to you for not giving up as well as for your strong feelings and will to help others.


    1. Mindsets are about academic performance focus on technique.
      Intelligence isn’t everything it requires a certain amount of perseverance and conscientiousness to allow some children to succeed according to Plomin ,who predicts DNA profiles will one day assist teachers and schools.

      Within education, economic inequality manifest itself fundamental as a social class problem, an issue of unequal access, participation, outcome and condition.It is about students from low-income and welfare -dependent background’s being unable to access, participate and achieve in education on equal terms with others students.The inability to avail of educational opportunities on the same terms as others, more economically advantaged, students is itself an outcome of unequal economic conditions between classes in the wider society.

      Although students from different classes are all theoretically receiving the same education the reality of educational practice is different.
      They have to take into consideration the environment.What is the point develop an educated mind if they don’t care…is not good enough. I care as an Immigrant I made sure my children pay the price day in and day out to master their subjects.I was born poor but I made something of my life my personal experience help me to see clear.I hope you understand now what I meant mindset.
      Where anybody gets their knowledge from academic books?Where is the spiritual power come from?I don’t think from prescribing medication?it is the worse thing any psychiatrist can do based on his opinion which is a checklist of behaviour and emotions.I feel this is a lack of care which is coerced not scientific. Human being are more interesting…they don’t become neurotic, or psychotic with a personality disorder from the thin air.
      If this is not coerced, I am lost for words.
      Is no point looking at those who suffer severe mental distress and seeing them as different?They are not.It is only that they have subjected to an environment that has allowed their seeds to flourish
      Scott Peck, I read his book many years ago very enjoyable and helpful.Everybody borrow from others.My first language is Greek we borrow words from English
      Latin Spanish Italian is ok.
      Well done to psychologist friend the language of persuasion is important.Never give up for anybody keep enjoy the things you love.N Kelly


      1. Thanks Nafsica for your strong remarks and unfailing common sense- I understand your meaning about mindsets in terms of focus.

        Whether for good or ill in a divisive sense, Equality issues form a key if not manipulative part of the stock in trade of Politicians and Social Engineers alike as do ‘Mental Health’ issues; a notable difference being, that, Equality issues are ever to the fore and on the lips of politicians, particularly of the ‘left’; whereas Psych drug issues remain muted except in business terms and as reinforced through the heaping of praise and medals on arch administrative Psych drug facilitators for their services to the economy.

        Whereas the UK establishment insider Aldous Huxley in his futuristic fable ‘Brave New World Revisited’ (1958) mistakenly envisaged that, poisons and synthetic substitutes for brain functions under the collective name of ‘Soma’ as he referred to them, would have no lasting harmful effects and that folks would come to love their servitude; there currently exists an acute shortage of UK politicians and establishment figures whom despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary either dare not or care not to admit that Huxley was wrong and that they in turn have been neglectful of a duty of care that has but rarely been maintained throughout the whole course of the ‘Mental Hygiene and Eugenics Movement’ to give it its proper name.

        Most odd however, is that, Huxley only once (P.98) referred to psychoactive drugs directly in connection with ‘Mental Health’ albeit in a dual sense to either, help Psychiatrists in the ‘battle against ‘Mental Illness’, or, to help the dictator in his battle against freedom. Within the futuristic (present day) setting and meandering scope of this book, he also repeatedly referred to ‘Overpopulation’ as well as Anarchy v Tyranny, Social Engineering and Eugenics as well as various imperceptible forms of mind conditioning.

        There are many books that tell about the fraudulent aspects of biological psychiatry and much else connected to ‘Mental Health’ as well as other like minded material from an ordinary human perspective, but Huxley’s book may be of key relevance because of his well connected establishment status and because he placed the psych drugs issue within a context pointing to the emergence of a’Scientific’, I.e. Sociological, Psychological, Economic and delineated Psychiatric framework and in computerised terms ‘Algorithmically oriented’ Caste System based upon above mentioned factors and other interwoven connections that since 1958 have become increasingly and complexly apparent.

        IMO this book ought more to be studied than read in passing, it can be viewed on line:


  7. What is intelligence ?
    Is not easy to answer ,depending on who you ask you get different answers.Most people agree that intelligence is information needed by our nation’s leaders ,also know as policy makers,to keep our country safe.Save for who ?synthetic drugs for the brain is not very saved.

    Policy makers do not have time to read all the other countries newspapers.Other countries will not share with Unites states details called secrets. .All this information is very important to our leaders.Current intelligence looks at day to day event.
    Estimate intelligence looks at what might be or what might happen.
    Warning intelligence gives notice to our policy makers that something urgent might happen that might require their immediate attention.
    Research Intelligence is an in-depth study of an issue.
    Scientific and technical intelligence is information on foreign technologies.

    What is the point have all these intelligence and bury the head in the sun :The word of Genesis have a profound meaning:western medicine has come to the conclusion that the majority of physical illness are psychosomatic in origin.As people experience different kinds of inner healing as a result of growing intimacy with nature and one another,many of their physical sickness and diseases are healed.We have to look for the root of the problem is underdeveloped pneuma we need compassion, not Prozac.Who benefits? pharmaceutical companies, and the person who make the diagnosis doctors’ or psychiatrists’ bread and butter.

    Obstacles to happiness
    The unaware life is not worth living
    Who determines what it means to be success?Are you your profession? if you change your profession tomorrow from a novelist to psychiatrist because is more money,are you going to feel happier? How you will feel when someone says you are a great psychiatrist you save my life …or, on the other hand, somebody accusing you of over-prescribing medication and a lot of young people under your care committed suicide, not a pretty picture…Is criticism effects you.No flattery or praise! no image.Happiness is our natural state.Happiness is the natural state of little children.

    Dominant ideologies involving education
    Variety of report Drudy and Lynch suggest that ideologies authorised the dominant framework which politicians ,policy makers ,academics and ordinary people make of education participation in Ireland.
    Consensual is seen as an Irish phenomenon
    Essentialism means to focus on the individual his or her attributes as a way of explaining differences in educational attainment.In this perspective reference is typically made to an individual’s fixed even innate intelligence,skills and talents.This sort of thinking is very common in Government funded reports and among educational academics.The idea that failure and success reflect individual qualities such as intelligence something that is seen as virtually a given The ability to do well at IQ test and exams.This type of perspective relieves teachers and policy makers of any responsibility for developing children since their IQ level is assumed fixed.The system needs to be challenged
    Meritocratic It puts forward the idea that individuals who have innate intelligence ,and who make the effort deserve to be a reward.As Bourdieu 1977 has noted allowing certain carefully selected individual to move up a structure can in fact perceived legitimacy ,this structure can still be unequal.Meritocratic individualism ignores the structural realities which individuals are located.It encourages educationalist and policy makers to ignore structure.These ideas are important because they help to justify ,to explain and to obscure inequality , not only in Ireland.

    Improving learning through developing different types of intelligence
    There is a difference between knowledge and awareness,between information and awareness
    We can focus all we like but we must take into consideration we all have a different type of intelligence….why so many people they never develop their natural skills? The key is to embrace those differences encourage to excel by identified children who need more resource, what they’re good and assist them to minimise their weakness.Not to have genetic predictor of learning environment is part of genetic what about love?.Why is so complicated.
    Some people have linguistic intelligence, for journalism,broadcasters
    Logical- mathematical intelligence,scientist ,engineers,accountants
    Visual =spatial intelligence,Architects,artist
    Bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence Athletes,dancers
    musical intelligence musicians
    interpersonal intelligence Salespeople
    intra-personal intelligence philosophers,According to Gardner pupils need opportunities to develop all the seven areas of intelligence.As for young children, research shows boosting young children their IQ does not pay off,as it averages out after a few years.Some people will encourage you some will discourage.Rather focusing on self-control and behaviour social relationships may have more positive long-term benefits .
    Not everyone can become a 100 sprinter or professional pianist.

    Power for the brain
    PE for brain power fitness is good for the mind.There is a growing database suggesting that fitness and physical activity are related to academic performance says Charles H Hillman,who led the study .His findings suggest that time spent in the school environment without adequate time to physical activity is not only detrimental to health as evidenced by obesity epidemic in most western countries but also detrimental to brain health.
    Calvin Coolidge;Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence .Talent will not ;nothing is more common than unsuccessful men of talent .Geniues will not …The world is full of educated derelicts .Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.The slogan Press on has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.Best wishes


    1. Thank you Nafisica. I can follow most of what you’ve said. As far as ‘intelligence’ is concerned; ordinarily it should indeed suffice for ordinary folk to know which way the wind is blowing and what dangers they might be faced with. But few saw Biological Psychiatry coming and fewer still were able to raise the alarm in time.

      Whereas it appears that Bio-Psychiatry was fast gaining ground in Ireland prior to the UN’s stated Millennium Development Goals that itemised ‘Mental Health’ in terms of combating Alcoholism, Suicide and so forth as well as serving to promote Equality issues; these goals have since become entangled with the outworking of the U.N Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) that enshrined the right of ‘Informed Consent’ to Psychiatric and Medical Treatments in ways that seemingly have yet to become effective in Ireland; this agenda having largely been overtaken by the new Sustainable Development Goals that no longer need to specifically
      include ‘Mental Health’ because the (BIO) ‘Stakeholders’ and other ‘Partners’ operating from behind the scenes the UN and who may in part have used the CRPD and other UN forums as business intelligence assets (some of the these same Stakeholders may also be working behind the scenes in Ireland), will have already gained a foothold in many other countries both through the CRPD as well as via the MDG’s. So, it’s business as usual for Bio-Psychiatry under the general health aspect (goal 3) of the current Sustainable Development programme and through other trade and employment agreements that might have kicked off in Ireland from as far back as the Good Friday Agreement.

      Concerning Equality issues, they ought IMO to be seen by and large as a distraction from the prior necessity to press ahead with ‘informed consent’ as a Constitutional right and because despite the best efforts of so many and yet so few conscientious and determined leaders, the above far sighted programmes appear to have become muddled (as may have been intended by the PTB) in ways that have led to increasing confusion and short sightedness. I’m not sure about some of the finer aspects of psychosomatic illness that you generally referred to, but in so far as ‘Mental Illness’ is concerned the Trauma model seems mainly key and the Soteria model representing an ideal solution. It is interesting to note in view of Huxley’s comments that the term ‘Soma’ is included within the etymological framework of ‘Psychosomatic’, thus implying that the mind body relationship is governed by ritual adherence to ;self induced’ states (I.e. blame the victim) rather more than as a consequence of various form of trauma including externally directed forms of trauma against body and soul.


      1. Mental health `

        Life in contemporary society is very demanding compared to a few generations ago.Changing jobs,moving house having a family,Immigrating to a different country without competence of the new language or culture.One of the earliest attempt to assess
        the relationship between life change and stress -related illness was Holmes and Rhen’s 1967 Social Readjustment ratings scale SRRS.They assume that major change loss of the spouse,being made redundant in life requires the individual to use personal resources to cope with these changes and to adjust to the new situation.
        Personal injury or illness could cover anything from a heart attack or flu.Pleasant experience makes life delightful.Painful experience leads to growth.
        Many of us like to think mental distress is something that happens to someone else,.And when it does ,someone else deals with it but in fact it’s long way from the true .Statistics show that the major reason for seeing a family doctor is emotional rather than physical.The ups and downs of life without family support can make you or break you .Base on My personal experience after the birth of my second child, I had been giving sleeping pills to sleep but made me worse .I am lucky if Patrica Casey was there,I could be labour as ,psychotic ,or obsessive compulsive disorder or maybe neurotic.However, something very positive came out of my postnatal depression .The library became my university I am very lucky by reading self-help I survive and remove the fear and ignorance that surround post -natal depression… educating myself about mental health ,nutrition exercise I have acquired skilled at avoiding situations… .Never had a third child because the distress was so great.The knowledge and understanding help me to make a better life.My suggestion keep educating yourself reading self-help books Teyy Lynch new book is better than take medication is up to you to take responsibility not believing lies about chemical inbalanced

        There are no miracles cures…except the miracle cures that nature performs.You cannot get something for nothing.Health building requires individual discipline.Your mind and brain must take over the operation of your body.
        The human body is a most powerful instrument and can take years of the cruelest punishment…
        The human body reaches its capacity for being loaded down with foods that produced a dirty blood stream .Then disease strikes with all its powerful force and fury.Cataracts blind and blur the vision …arthritis cripples and stiffens ..ears go deaf..varicose veins .Go to the hospital and see suffering humans .You cannot control your chronological years but with the optimum nutrition for the mind Patrick Holford you can most assuredly control your biological age in fact you can almost hold it to a standstill.

        I salute humanity
        Mathew Arnold relates culture the best that has been thought and said to the stability of society and the state In his book Culture and Anarchy 1956.It is about the careful cultivation of individuals,not groups,and their cultivation and spread of cultured society can be made increasingly harmonious cultured people will show restrictions and not do what they want ,respect authority .This definition is very much connected to politics.Arnold’s linking of culture with standards and social order is an argument often repeated in national legislatures regularly expressed in numerous newspapers.It is not an idea unique to England but found in Ireland in France Canada ,the USA , and other states.Arnold culture is by definition the best concerned with perfection,with sweetness and light.
        The hegemony this comes from the Greek word meaning leadership or domination but Gramsci used it to refer specifically to what he termed intellectual and moral leadership .This is not a one-off event but continual process where a dominant class has to keep on persuading people its way of seeing the world is the natural and obvious one ,despite whatever contradictions may appear.
        The state
        The hegemonic ideas of the ruling class are not stable but adaptive.and may involve concessions to subordinate groups in an ongoing process of incorporating or assimilating people views of the ruling class.Thus, Gramsci writes :the supremacy of social group manifest itself in two ways ,as domination,intellectual and moral leadership. For Gramsci all men are intellectual ……but not all men in society have the function of intellectuals.To maintain consent there is a compromise of moving equilibrium as the dominant group adjusts its ideology

        the same stressful event can be perceived differently by two individuals depending on what the situation means to each.
        Children from dysfunctional families cannot possibly seal their identity.Underdevelop, weak to nonexistent ego strength there is no way for a person to pull himself together .Thier beautiful beingness was rejected because they were Greek or Chinese, or other foreigners they were tormented.Good teaching programmes opportunity to develop skill,cognitive being able to think differently can be very helpful to a child.Submissively is the worse thing a child or adult can do only reinforce the bully to continue submissively is the worse thing a child can do .
        How can you prove you have being bullied. How can a younger person cope with uncaring people who make you ill by inflicting unnecessary stress?
        Should the teacher be trained to cope with bullying?Why should we respect the authority when they did nothing to help us ?Where anybody gets their culture?
        What is best ?Who decide what is best? Where Arnold develop his superiority ?I am not compelled by any conditioning or programming from the past experience or from culture.I need to be liberated from that I have my soul.My health is my wealth and happines…


  8. Yes- Modern life can be very demanding in ways previously unheard of. Whereas I don’t see a need for Social Readjustment Rating Scales and such like, I accept and can in various ways appreciate your earlier comments about people not understanding the difficulties faced by an immigrant who may have experienced similar circumstances to yourself and particularly where an inability to relate in a new language might have led to further unnecessary misapprehensions. But you now relate very well and of course people who are quick witted and people oriented will learn a language and otherwise adapt more quickly.

    Some years ago it was predicted that because of scientific progress, people would in future have more leisure time. That has happened to some extent but many social strictures that once surrounded workaday life may since have morphed into Sociological speculations to an extent where people have since been led to expect ‘change’ minus economic and other forms of stability needed to plan ahead.

    Yes-everyone has a natural breaking point as amply demonstrated by Pavlov and others.

    I too have read Dr. Lynch’s fine book. I guess they don’t call him ‘Dr Lynch’ for nothing as evidenced by the methodical manner in which he strangled and proceeded to bury the ‘chemical imbalance’ theory that caused much extra damage to psychiatry’s rightly deserved foul reputation as well as much needless suffering on the part of those who were duped into believing that particular lie as an across the board schema in favour of pushing Psych drugs.

    I’m not sure about Gramsci to the extent that hard line Communists may have adapted to soft- spokenness for effect and I doubt that Arnold was ever in full possession of the health and happiness that he and Whitman proclaimed as rights and proofs of divine favour. Even so, here’s wishing you health, happiness and infinite distance from Bio-Psych’s foul pretensions and cruel excesses.


    1. There are no explanations you can give that would explain away all the suffering and evil and destruction in the world!Becuase life is a mystery
      The notion of intention is central to the legal definition of a crime.Why the medical profession continues to prescribe Prozac if they know very well their behaviours causes injury and social harm.
      Who benefits?the pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession,I wonder what type of culture Doctors have they must have some conscious.Is not ethical,but I suppose profits is more important than people…Gramsci and Foucault saw power ,in society as struggling to maintain hegemony very insightful thinking.
      It is a crime against humanity,it is necessary for the preservation of order in society …If it is capitalism that is the cause of white collar crime the solution its abolition must be a better way to help someone with difficulties in life than giving them drugs.

      So many of us do not really appreciate our potential
      The rapid increase of divorce;underestimating of the dignity,and home ,which is the basis of human society .The mad craze of pleasure ;Psychiatrist prescribing more drugs;sports becoming more exciting and brutal .Our potential is tremendous .Tere is n’t anyone who could not do a better job in life than he now is doing ,But we are inhibited by our narrow-minded attitudes and lack of trust.
      Why they don’t teach people not to allow their mind to acquiesce in defeat,weakly giving up.what seems impossible one minute becomes ,through faith ,possible the next.hat is always the way of it.No one is going to be immune from having problems so if we desire to live successful lives we must become truly expert in problem-solving.

      Perhaps Doctor Tom O’Brien can use his influence in Dublin to pursue other doctors…Loving your work and being enthusiastic it is one of the fundamental factors in successfully improving your business and help people who seek information.Do not become discourage let nothing defeat you.You have a tremendous potential.Trust yourself
      The art of negotiation plays a major part in all our lives from asking our children to hang out clothes to concluding an important business deal .To be effective communicator we must become competent in the skill of negotiation.We must plan Don’t leave a thing to chance -think and plan.

      Negotiation mutual cooperation
      Prepare to talk the true If, not in the long term psychiatric will have a very negative outcome.Personally, I lost trust in the profession. By being open and honest about what we want,How can you explain it is unacceptable giving young and vulnerable people Prozac Paxil SSRI.It is unethical if we tried to negotiate for the psychiatrist to stop medicating people it would be more effective if they come out in the open ,and thing different way of fairness What type of people are? why they persisted medicating causing social harm? We have to think independently,to live our own mind and to have the courage of our own perception and judgments .

      Terry Lynch, behaves ethically by telling us about the most psychiatric drugs can cause reactions.In short it is not only dangerous to start takings drugs it is dangerous to stop them.Some medical treatments used to treat conditions can cause mania ,so the it is important to discuss with a doctor you trust I am very vigilant .

      Social psychologist Gordon All port in spite of progress in the field mastery over energy control physical and prematurely dead .We appear to living in the stone age so far as our handling of human relationships Allport 1958.This assessment is still correct .Humanity still living in the stone age of its ability to reduce or eliminate racial and think oppression.Best wishes
      N Kelly


  9. My last paragraph what I want to say…Humanity still living in the stone age of its ability to reduce or eliminate racial and ethnic oppression…If psychiatrist are not constantly changing? how do they get away? It is about time they stopped been frozen …and start commting to their own growth physical intellectual,social-emotional ,and spiritual…..The purpose of the modern psychiatric drugs is keep society seek. The unaware life is not with living .N Kelly


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