Granddad Peter – Evil Perpetrator or Equally Innocent Victim?

Peter Miles

Ireland has seen far too many murder-suicides for such a small country – with much discussion and no easy answers.  The usual knee-jerk reaction of ‘evil bas**rd’ hasn’t helped to solve these cases or indeed, stop any future cases of familial annihilation. Psychiatry will often blame the ‘underlying mental illness’ of the perpetrator, whether or not there was any evidence pointing to historical psychiatric issues. Suggestions that a prescribed drug or drugs may have played a part are shut down with scorn, despite effects such as suicide, violence and emotional blunting listed in the PILs (Patient Information Leaflets). Indeed, ever since SSRI antidepressants (Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors) were introduced to the masses, murder-suicide cases thought to be drug-induced have consistently surfaced, leaving a global trail of ssri-induced destruction that has lingered for decades – see SSRI-Stories.

From the 1993 case of William Forsyth Sr., who killed his wife and himself 2 weeks after being prescribed fluoxetine (aka Prozac), to Donald Schell, a 60 year-old granddadd who took 2 paroxetine pills (aka Seroxat and Paxil) before fatally shooting his wife, daughter, 9-month-old granddaughter and himself (1998). In the Schell case, paroxetine was found to be 80% responsible and GlaxoSmithKline ordered to pay $6.4m to the family’s surviving relatives – yet still people find it hard to accept that a drug prescribed by a friendly GP could cause such harm.

Nevertheless, similarities include a recent antidepressant prescription (or dosage change), with ‘out of the blue’, ‘out of character’, ‘restlessness’ and ’emotional blunting’ among other common threads. Friends might express their shock and attest to a ‘down to earth’, ‘cheerful and chatty’, ‘all round good guy (or woman)’ or ‘respected member of the community’ whose actions ‘were completely out of character’.

Tragically, the latest case in Margaret River, Australia, seems to fit an SSRI-induced profile.  Yesterday, Perth’s version of the Sunday Times published an article titled Margaret River massacre: Depression drug clue to grandfather’s murder of family. Like Donald Schell, Peter Miles, a 61 year-old granddad, had recently started taking an antidepressant(s) – mere weeks before he fatally shot his wife, daughter and four grandchildren. According to the article, close friends of this highly regarded granddad now suspect that the drug he was prescribed may have triggered or worsened ‘homicidal and suicidal thoughts’. One friend said:

Cynda told us Peter had gone onto antidepressants in the last few weeks. I feel for the sake of society that these mind-altering drugs should be exposed as dangerous.

The article also pointed out that while friends of Mr Miles stressed they did not know which type of antidepressant he had been prescribed, they have ‘genuine fears’ it may have been an SSRI – pointing to claims that in rare cases they can contribute to extreme violence, murder and suicide. The article concluded with the following:

For Ms Winfield, the SSRI theory, while not proven, is the most plausible. “Nothing else explains it,” she said. “This was a lovely man whose family was everything to him. I don’t know when the depression set in, but I’m really sad it hit him so hard and I’m sure the medication was a part of it.”

So, before a drug-induced annihilation is dismissed out of hand, be informed, before, BEFORE, BEFORE it happens to someone you love. As many of us will attest to, dead is irreversibly dead and no amount of blame or vindication will bring our loved ones back. One point that is never fully addressed – while medics invariably blame an underlying, undiagnosed, mental-illness – why do so many families insist otherwise and not use this relatively ‘get out of jail free’ card?

For expert information in prescribed drugs, see Professors David Healy and Peter Gøtzsche, and

One thought on “Granddad Peter – Evil Perpetrator or Equally Innocent Victim?

  1. What happens in the year before Peter Miles started to taking antidepressants medication. A neighbor friend Bee Winfield confirmed Mr. Miller was looking for work. Money does count if he did not have sufficient to put food on the table to clothe his family, How can anybody feel happy if they lose hope? he did experience stress. This kind of stress can impact on his general health. The greatest threat to life and health is having nothing to live, surely these concepts should receive greater attention, particularly with psychiatric literature and general education. The fact that Carth Miller the day before the mass shooting expressed concern that her husband’s depression was getting worse. No other person in society has the power the GP or psychiatrist has and that power must be deprived.If the GP and psychiatrist ‘s consciousness is supplanted by cowardice, greed, self-deception the already vulnerable patient bear the brunt. Medical science and practice are largely based on the assumption that scientific knowledge grows by accumulated knowledge. This approach to learning encourages intellectual dishonesty in authorities who do not admit medical ignorance, they are not different than criminals.
    Many people are not aware that psychiatrist possesses a profound professional obligation to recognize the presence of physical disease in their patients and rule out as a potential cause before beginning to treat any mental symptoms. Psychiatrist frequently do not conduct such a test while admitting that actual causes of all mental disorders are unknown and there is no lab test to confirm the disorders. In a radio interview in 2010, Daniel Carlat did not mention assessing the brain when asked what psychiatrist actually did; The are in the business of making the diagnosis the DSM WHICH IS THE OFFICIAL DIAGNOSTIC MANUAL.So modern psychiatry is really a conversation, a series of symptoms, and then a matching process of medication to these symptoms.It can be rather embarrassing for mainstream psychiatrist to acknowledge how little they really knew about the brain and brain function They often dress their comments up in confusing and contradictory language designed to make themselves look expert but in reality, they haven’t a clue. Thomas Szas 1961 was sharply critical of the regimens of psychiatry in particular how psychiatry terminology and practice were being used to respond to social problems such as poverty and crime. Foucault saw the institutions techniques and discourse of medicine, along with penal and other systems, as means of surveilling and controlling populations. Illch was critical of the whole industry bureaucracy and highlighted the perverse role of medicine in treating illness and injury through inappropriate and incompetent intervention. The results? Millions of individual children, adults, the elderly –are damaged by psychotropic drugs. As the controversy over these drugs escalate s to new heights consider these factors
    Psychiatrist use invented chemical imbalance theory for drugging patients a fictitious conditions promoted by drug companies but debunked by experts. Today, some 100 million people are on psychotropic drugs, prescribed for psychiatric labeling, and 20 million of these are children.
    One in six pregnant women today is diagnosed with a depressive disorder and most are put on antidepressants, causing risk and real harm to their unborn child. I would like to thank you, professionals, who educate their community Professor Peter Gotzsch, Professor, Dr. David Healy, Dr Terry Lynch, Dr. Kelly BroganPsychiatrist Peter Breggin All you need is English. I am able to read English and I use my intra-personal intelligence. The hope of humanity lies in the prevention of degenerative and mental disease. It’s never too late to embrace a better quality of life (Sadly is too late for Peter and his family)


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