Oliver Hare – Another 22-year-old victim of Citalopram?

OliverOliver Hare, shown above, was a 22-year-old linguist, working in Shanghai. In February of this year he spent a week with his mum in Dubai before returning to his family home in England. Feeling a little lost and unsure of what his goals were, he was anxious about returning to China. His dad told him not to worry, that nobody would force him to go back, but Oliver was worried about the consequences if he didn’t return. The Daily Mail reported that he had previously visited his GP, who diagnosed him with depression and prescribed Citalopram (marketed as Celexa and Cipramil). Oliver started taking the drug this February.  Four days later, on Valentine’s Day 2017, Oliver hanged himself from a window in his family home. The Coroner recorded a suicide verdict, stating “In light of the mood of the deceased that has been described and the manner by which his body was found I am satisfied that he intended to take his own life.”

However, what the Coroner did not mention (or perhaps did not know), was that all SSRI antidepressants, including Citalopram, increase the risk of suicide. There was no mention of the black-box suicide warning that is attached to this drug in the U.S., for young people up to the age of 24. Nor of the European Medicines Agency suicidality warning for under 25s. Perhaps the Coroner was not aware that Citalopram is associated with more self-inflicted deaths than any other antidepressant in the U.K. It seems pointless that SSRI suicide warnings are provided by the various medicines regulators, yet doctors, psychiatrists and Coroners seem oblivious to the risk – and have rarely attributed a person’s self-inflicted death to these widely-prescribed drugs.

As Wendy’s case shows (see previous post), there is little doubt that age is irrelevant when suffering an adverse-reaction to an SSRI, including Citalopram – see here and here. My son Shane, like Oliver, was 22 when he died of a Citalopram-induced death in 2009 – he lasted 17 days on the drug. Incidentally, my friend who runs the AntiDepAware website also wrote about Oliver (here). His son wasn’t much older than Oliver and Shane when he was prescribed Citalopram. Within days of starting the drug, he also died unexpectedly, from SIBSID (a self-inflicted but SSRI-induced death).


At one stage I asked many like-minded experts for some SSRI quotes, which, for anyone who’s interested, can be viewed here. However, the last word goes to Mr. Dainius Pūras of The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, whose talk for World Health Day was published last month – titled ‘Depression: Let’s talk about how we address mental health’. The talk concerned the current paradigm of excessive medicalization within mental health and the overuse of biomedical interventions (aka drugs). Among other things, he stated:

“The use of psychotropic medications as the first line treatment for depression and other conditions is, quite simply, unsupported by the evidence. The excessive use of medications and other biomedical interventions, based on a reductive neurobiological paradigm causes more harm than good, undermines the right to health, and must be abandoned.”

8 thoughts on “Oliver Hare – Another 22-year-old victim of Citalopram?

  1. Awh Nancy, the similarities are just so awful. The first few weeks are the most dangerous time and yet, our children were never warned or afforded informed consent. Awareness is growing a little – but only because of the vast number of parents being left behind, not through medics warning their patients (young or old). So many needless deaths. Incidentally, I also know of a beautiful young Irish girl who died a similar death after taking Cialopram for just one day. Her mother told the doctor she knew the drug caused her daughter’s death. The doctor told her not to be ridiculous..


  2. Just when I thought it was impossible to become any more cynical:
    Expecting Government to Do anything about it beyond condoning, perpetuating, and abetting their owners excesses is perhaps the most ‘disordered’ and grandest delusion of all.

    What I want to ask the next clown running for Any Elected Office, is when do the voters get to vote on Who is allowed to Buy the B’Tards.


    1. While I cannot expect anyone outside the US to care a fig for US politics, it’s set my ears back that our current Prez and the previous one were both governing by Executive Orders, which are only supposed to be used in cases of emergency.

      We in the States have become a term limited Monarchy, with the cult of personality choosing which celebrity gets to wield the scepter.

      And with this dismal observation, my hopes for an end of Psychiatric Predation in the visible future are not sanguine.

      My hopes for the current Foghorn in the White House are that he will pack the US Supreme Court with Judges who will simply uphold the damn laws America already has.

      There’s plenty of them already on the books to shut it down.

      Just enforce them, and quit shoving them aside for ‘special cases’ like people who’ve been psychiatrized in order to protect the psychiatric Industry FROM the defrauded consumer.

      Government’s [multiple expletives deleted] benevolence, it’s helping hand to the poor, unfortunate ‘mentally ill’ is going to be the death of all of us.



  3. Please look into Everyday Psych Victims Project at http://www.facebook.com/PsychVictims and this year (still in development) at http://www.psychvictims.com. We are ANTI PSYCH (COMPLETELY) and against this psych drugging!

    They claim that psych is the only thing preventing self death or working on it, well, let’s change that. We need to create ideas and organizations around preventing self death without use of “mental health” at all! Since, people don’t know how to do it otherwise. (This article will be shared on EPVP btw).


  4. I was prescribed citalopram for stress and only being able to sleep with the use of alcohol. Six days later did my first suicide attempt. I told the doctor about it. Two weeks later I deliberately set fire to the ship I was working on. I got charged with attempted murder for that. A few weeks later while out on bail I bought two bags of heroin and made my second suicide attempt (I had never used heroin) that attempt was calculated and would have worked but for the size of the syringe. I never felt right until I stopped taking citalopram.


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