Dr Terry Lynch – “Depression Delusion Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance”

Terry Lynch Book

I’ve been lucky enough to be given an advanced copy of Dr Terry Lynch’s new book ‘Depression Delusion Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance’. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t really aware of just what a privilege it actually was. Terry’s book is ground-breaking, brutally honest and totally unexpected – he pulls no punches. I have never read a more accurate or frank account of the myths surrounding ‘mental illness’, or indeed the acknowledgement that these myths were (and are) pushed by psychiatry, the pharmaceutical industry and misinformed doctors. The ‘chemical imbalance’ mythology has been debunked many decades ago –  yet Irish psychiatry, Irish Medical professionals and Irish ‘mental health’ charities have yet to catch on.

He exposes the usual culprits, the ones who intentionally deceive and the unintentional misinformed ones. What hasn’t been exposed before and what he does with much precision and skill, is the enormous misinformation dispensed by Irish ‘mental health’ charities. He exposes these so-called mental health ‘expert’ groups for what they actually are and why consequently, they are a dubious waste of tax-payers money.

Professor Patricia Casey naturally gets a mention. Following an article she wrote referring numerous times to depression being ‘biological’, he asked her to provide the scientific research that proves her claim. Her reply suggested he “purchase any of the postgraduate textbooks on psychiatry, where he will find a myriad of references to same.” It seems to me that Casey, revered in Ireland as one of our country’s top psychiatric experts, is everything that is wrong within psychiatry today. A dinosaur who bites your head off when you have the audacity to challenge her. I can feel her solicitor’s pen poised and ready for action as we speak.

Professor Casey is not alone. Pushing misinformation on the masses, whether unintentional or not, is rampant in Ireland. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the more recognizable (albeit sometimes unwitting) Irish culprits that Dr Lynch mentions: Vincent Brown, Marian Keyes, Harry Barry, Siobhan Barry, Garreth O’Callaghan, Mary McEvoy and Ray Darcy. Sean Duke, described as a science journalist, is frequently heard on East Coast Radio; he is also exposed for pushing the chemical imbalance myth as fact onto Leinster’s listeners. It comes as no surprise that Dr Harry Barry also gets a mention. You remember Dr Barry, the one who stated “when you take anti-depressants, they work from the bottom of the brain up. When you engage in talk therapy, it works from the front of the brain down”. If these drugs weren’t so dangerous, I might even find the latter amusing.

Aware and Spunout, the high profile Irish ‘mental health’ charities are also ‘named and shamed’ for promoting the falsehood of the chemical basis for depression. Considering the huge governmental funding these charities get, this basic misinformation can never be justified (I have previously tried and failed to inform Spunout of the error of their ways). The UK’s MIND and Rethink are also exposed as fundamentally flawed, by misinforming the very people they are supposed to be helping.

The naming and shaming of these organisations and ‘experts’ is an initial step towards toppling the idiocy which forms the basis of the public’s perception of depression. Dr Terry Lynch takes one brave step for mankind – it remains to be seen whether this book will rock the very foundations of ‘depression’ and ‘mental illness’ as we know it, but I think that it just might.

This fabulous book is a must for everyone who believes that they are suffering from a brain chemical imbalance (an unwitting Bressie springs to mind). Dr Lynch is one very brave man to take on the so-called ‘experts’ in this forthright manner. It’s a David and Goliath situation. Will the truth win out? Is this generation ready to see that the so-called ‘experts’ are in fact philistines? I sure hope so! Huge respect to Dr Terry Lynch for this much-needed exposé. His book is out in September and I look forward to the fall-out. ‘Depression Delusion Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance’ is most definitely a keeper.

By the way, myself and the bold Bobby Fiddaman get a mention on page 115; Dr Lynch has certainly made one Sallynoggin woman smile.

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  1. “The naming and shaming of these organisations and ‘experts’ is an initial step towards toppling the idiocy which forms the basis of the public’s perception of depression.”

    Not to in any way dismiss the referendum result but to paraphrase a certain Irish politician, the above is in fact the leading human rights issue of our time.

    Thank you Leonie for posting this and for Dr Lynch for writing this book. I fear it will take a long time to reverse the public perception about depression which has been so saturated in the last decade by pharma’s stealth marketing but hopefully this will go someway towards redressing that (non chemical) imbalance.


  2. Absolutely superb review Leonie. I am looking forward to adding this book to my library. Some of those names took me by surprise. However I think Gareth O’Callaghan was probably one of the first Irish celebrity I became aware of to admit to depression and describe its effects on daily life. I bought his book “A Day Called Hope” some time around 2004 /05 when our GP first prescribed antidepressants for my 17yr old daughter. I thought it might help me to understand this diagnosis of “MIGHT BE DEPRESSION” I didn’t actually know what “Depression” was then. I knew about being sad, upset, stressed, distressed, tired, sleep deprived. My daughter like all teenagers experienced some/all of these. I wondered how a pill could help. I thought Gareth’s experience would educate me. It probably left me believing that the medication was helpful and not harmful. My daughter took her own life in 2007 whilst withdrawing from and being reintroduced to Cipramil.
    About a year later I came across Console whilst I was involved with a project related to suicide. Perhaps my experience was a one off but I found it very upsetting. In my vulnerable state I probably expected understanding, hope and maybe even “consolation”. I was shown a few brochures!! How did Dr Terry rate their input?


  3. Thanks for the comments. I checked back and don’t think Jim Lucey or Console are mentioned. There are so many references to other major global players including in the US and the UK, that the book would be never-ending if he mentioned all the culprits. I focused on the Irish references because it was such a joy to read.
    Sarah, you might find it interesting that I spoke to Gareth O’Callaghan when he was writing one of his books on depression and he is well aware of how harmful SSRIs can be. He told me he was also put on Citalopram and subsequently suffered a severe form of akathisia but luckily enough his doctor recognised it.
    Truthman, I’ll certainly pass on your email address.


  4. I too have been lucky enough to see an advance of Terry Lynch’s new book. A lot of the people he mentions who talk publicly about the serotonin deficiency theory are genuine and caring people who have not challenged what they were taught. However, somewhere in the information hierarchy are people who are not so caring, people who are willing to use a long-time unproven theory to promote a “medication” that does more harm than good. Robert Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic” shows just how far such people will go. In the sixties William Glasser challenged what he was taught about “mental illness” and fifty years later we know that the chemical imbalance theory was not just an erroneous view but a fabricated lie. Maybe what we need to do is to challenge all public pronouncements that support the chemical imbalance theory, writing to the authors to ask for evidence! Terry’s contribution to this campaign is enormous. For those of us who work in the caring professions, the ultimate horror is where one area actually harms those who come looking for help.


  5. Hi Brian,

    Yes I believe that’s true – that most people don’t intent to deceive but believe the ‘chemical’ fairy tale. As Dr Lynch points out so well, it causes enormous harm though. “The ultimate horror is where one area actually harms those who come looking for help” – sadly this is happening every single day. Whether in deaths like Shane’s, or the (albeit unintentional) creation of lifelong drug addiction. We all see the zombified friends who were once so ‘alive’. The ones where a flash goes through your head “there’s something not quite right about Linda or Tom”.

    David Healy recently stated that he believes the SSRI era will soon stand as one of the most shameful in the history of medicine. He further stated that the shame does not stem from what pharmaceutical companies have done, because that’s to be expected. “The shame will be seen to have arisen from the failure of doctors to know as much as they should have done about medicines they dish out so liberally.”

    Dr Terry Lynch is doing a fabulous job contradicting the experts – he must be exhausted. I know from experience the vast amount of time it takes, for very little reward. This week I was blocked for my troubles for having the cheek to ask for proof that addiction is a ‘brain disorder’ – by Jeffrey Lieberman. These so-called ‘experts’ always take offence when challenged, and I never even mentioned his monetary links to Pharma!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the disruption that this book will undoubtedly cause. In my opinion it’s just as brilliant as Robert Whitaker’s ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ and the best thing to have come out of Ireland since ‘Pharmageddon’.

    Thanks for the comment Brian. I’m heartened to see that more people within the ‘caring profession’ are acquainted with the actual facts, not the fairy tales.



  6. Michelle, you are indeed suffering – pain and so many questions of why…and why not just leave your husband alone on the drugs he was on – I agree with Leonie in many ways – that there is very little follow through for people like your dear husband in wanting to get off drugs – in the last two days, for instance, we have had Daniel and Majella O’Donnell on with Pat Kenny talking abour depression and Daniel stating she is great once she takes the medication to Fair City’s drama attempts at promoting pharma drugs – what can anyone of us think. I would suggest to you Michelle, that in time, when you have sometime to yourself within your grief for your beloved husband – do your own research, in your own time, in your own space…Google Dr David Healy and find your way through his blog – research through Dr Healy’s Rxisk section the drugs your husband was on – their adverse reactions, the pros and cons, then google Dr Peter Goetsche and do the same – educate yourself for reasons you need to know and understand – I think from all of that you will note that there is no safe centre, doctor or organisation in Ireland who will help anyone come off such drugs. Sadly, Michelle Pharma dominates all walks of life in Ireland – right to the doctor’s desk and to whatever help group your husband was under. For instance even if you google Pieta House (which I note has helped thousands – ) you will note that they also have given in to Pharma sponsorships – Michelle, what Irish Society does not seem to grasp is that Pharma sponsorship is known in the US and other countries as bribery and corruption. It is like any supermarket advertisement – Lidle, Dunnes etc….stating “our prices are reduced by 10% if you visit us on Thursdays” – and many do visit that day not knowing if what they are buying is of value or use to them – it is the same with Pharma but much more dangerous – look up the risks of the drugs your dear husband was on – did he know that – was he told the risks by his doctors….

    Michelle, I do agree with you on Dr Terry Lynch – a doctor making his money on talking about bad pharma drugs – what I fail to recognise also Michelle is that Doctors who know of the harms of pharma drugs and there are also many people suffering pharma clinical trials that has been forced on them without consent or knowledge – and I know that Dr Terry Lynch and his psychologist wife are well aware of the cover up of pharma drugs in Ireland and the deaths from such drugs. When I put my concerns and my suffering to many in the last year from such trials and the cover up of the evidence of pharma power in Ireland – I was told that there are also many writing books about bad drugs – I understand now the meaning of that – that even with the evidence of bad dangerous drugs that kill people – doctors like Terry Lynch write about the bad side effects and the mythology of the Chemical Imbalance – but they will not speak out publicly for patients who are harmed and who have died – they sit at home and write books and wait for the royalties to come in. I do note that many other doctors have written books about such pharma control and abuse – but they have gone that extra mile and spoke out and speak up and are really whistleblowers about the harm and control that Pharma are doing. God Bless you Michelle – I send you prayers of love and hope..Teri


    1. Sarah25m – I am so sorry for you and your darling daughter – it shows how the wrong information can lead to parents and children “trusting” the so called do gooders of depression and I am thankful to Dr Terry Lynch now for outing these culprits who write and sell books on a myth created by Pharma – I never knew Dr Michael Corry until after his death…when I suffered general medicine drugs and the crime was the same – for adverse reactions of any drug even blood pressure – one is told to “see someone” – and through that I discovered the wonderful Dr Michael Corry who spoke out fearlessly and like St Patrick tried to run the snakes of Irish Psychiatry out – but the power of corruption in Pharma is the Goliath we cannot deal with – Dr Corry wrote about emotions being just emotions – happy, sad, joy, regret are all emotions that do not need a pill of body and mind destruction to put emotions right…I am so sorry Sarah – take care and listen to the adverts flowing through Radio and Television on Mental Health units all over Ireland – Novartis even have a health check unit now in many shopping centres – bound together – seek out http://www.nmmaa.org/ – do not be afraid to challenge those who have wronged you and your dear daughter…Leonie is doing great work here for many who have suffered what her beloved son Shane suffered – also look up the blog of Dr David Healy…keep doing research…and whatever helps you Sarah to understand and to know the crimes of the pharma industry…Angels will always be around your darling daughter and you…God Bless…


  7. Thanks Teri,
    I absolutely understand how you feel and I too get very peeved off some days that so few doctors speak out on the harms that these drugs can cause. I can only tell you of my experience with Terry Lynch though…

    One day a woman contacted me who was extremely suicidal – she had me ‘up the walls’ with worry. I wouldn’t dare to even attempt to give advice in that situation and I tried to tell her that I wasn’t an expert but she said she had no-one else to turn to. I delved into my contacts and tried everyone I knew to see if I could get her some help. Some were physically not there and most others said that they were too busy or were reluctant to get involved for different reasons.

    The only one who agreed to help this woman was Dr Terry Lynch (and he was actually on holidays in Spain). I was mortified asking for his help knowing he was on holidays but this woman was desperate. Whatever help he provided, he did a great job and the woman is no longer suicidal and back on track.

    One good doctor can only stretch so far though. I suppose there are just not enough hours in the day for him to take on every case in Ireland.


  8. Michelle’s story is so, so sad. I too have seen a person come off tranquilising medication and the process is one that needs to be incredibly slow if we are to avoid painful and dangerous withdrawal for the individual. Many authors state that most doctors do not realise just how slow this process must be. These drugs are dangerous to take and dangerous to stop.

    The comment about a “doctor making his money on talking about bad pharma drugs” is inaccurate and, given the circumstances, somewhat cruel. Terry Lynch in particular gave up a medical career to become a psychotherapist. His written output on these topics has focused on the scientific and logical aspects of the chemical imbalance theories, a task requiring extensive research. Another author, Dr. Healy, lost a job because of his stance. I have had the good fortune to meet a number of such authors and they are sincerely championing a cause that is very important and requires considerable bravery.

    In years to come, thanks to their efforts, I believe that the companies making or promoting psychiatric drugs will face the same legal battles that the tobacco companies have experienced. The sooner, the better in my opinion. We cannot tolerate a situation where those who are suffering come seeking help and are saddled with even greater and dangerous hardships from the very hands that were supposed to help.


    1. Brian Lennon – I am not sure if you are a doctor – or perhaps a colleague of Dr Terry Lynch as you do not state your connections – yet many psychiatrists, doctors etc are asked to declare their interests in any connections…therefore, Brian I will take you at face value…a Brian Lennon simply replying to one of my comments on “is inaccurate”…where are you all at today’s suffering in Ireland…the silence has to be broken…walk in the shoes of Marion Rooney of Laois – a woman abducted by Psychiatry and Pharma to be held until death for pharma and doctor abuse and harm….I would ask you to read Dr Healy’s blog not so much about the job he lost – and what a man who still did what he believed in and spoke out about pharmageddon, and about “Following the Patient to Death” to cover up the evidence, the data of pharma crime…as Dr Healy states “The Dynamics of Abuse” do not change….

      Dear Marion,

      I wonder how you are and where you are. I would like to think that you
      are back at home, enjoying your lovely garden that you spoke to me
      I write here Marion about the abduction of our lives…On this page I
      mostly write what has happened to me as Pharma’s mafia continue to
      torture my body – in their attempts to force me back to Lab 101 for
      Novartis monitoring of their barbaric trials which they sponsor in
      Tullamore Hospital and that hospital we were both enslaved in.

      I may come across as a bit of a rebel but what can I do other than speak out as long as I can against such medical and community torture sanctioned by a corrupt Government deptartment which is sponsored and run by
      Novartis and their sponsored keyhole vilians.
      Either way we are both abducted women in Ireland
      as the world is silent on what are pharma and medical torture in
      Ireland 2015. When I met you Marion in that hospital I did not tell
      you that I had been dragged out of my home for asking that doctor in
      Tullamore Hospital why did I have pelvic bruising and cuts to my
      pelvic area – but that does not matter now. We met in that hospital
      and there amongst other women we settled into compliance and
      acceptance that we must have done something wrong. After all Marion we
      were enslaved in a prison that has no rights. We were locked in and we
      ate when we were told and queued in line to take our several times a
      day drugs of silence and control.

      We had no choices in our older years Marion – all our rights taken
      from us – I could have gone along with the corruption that is Mental
      Health – I could have taken their drugs where they confirmed to me can
      cause Parkinsons Disease – they tried to convince me because I knew
      what the surgeon in Tullamore Hospital had done to me that I had a
      chemical imbalance – you would laugh really today Marion if you knew
      that on Fair City a mother actor is telling her son actor that he has
      to see a psychiatrist because he has a chemical imbalance…yes Marion
      Fair City is pharmatised. You in your far away eyes and myself we know
      that there is no such thing as the chemical imbalance. Marion you and
      I did no wrong – our crime was to trust doctors in our own country and
      they have lied to us and betrayed our lives and our bodies. You
      admired my red Rosary Beads – you probably still have them around your
      fingers – I pray with all my heart that you are safe but knowing what
      I know now about the medical and pharma cartel of corruption and
      torture to human life I write this letter to you and for you.

      You were there just a few weeks before me. You told me that you drove
      yourself there and hoped to get home soon. Both our birthdays had just
      come and gone…We were the same age and the same month. I think now
      that the list for abductions must go by our dates of birth yet we both
      lived in opposite ends of the country. Imagine that Marion – we were
      getting on with our post-menopausal lives and believed ourselves to be
      free and blessed in life. Little did we know that we were products of
      human life and sold into medical torture by Church and State…Yes
      Marion we are the new Magdalenes, the new symphysiotomy women the new
      female slaves of Church and State.

      I have no doubt Marion that in someway you were coerced into
      psychiatry – did the medical mafia ask you to “go in for a rest”. You
      and I did not speak about that in that place. You spoke about your
      lovely husband – how he died – some years later Marion you met another
      man who sadly got cancer and also died…you spoke that you were a
      lucky woman to have met two wonderful men who had loved you and
      treated you so well. You told me how your husband died in the UK in
      the 1980’s, how he was knocked down and died. You told me about how he
      had said to you, if anything were to happen to him do not leave him in
      the UK but to bring him home to Ireland for burial. You kept his
      wishes Marion…you did all of that and moved back too so that you
      could visit his grave. If only your dear husband could see what
      Ireland has done to his lovely wife. You told me that you both had had
      a lovely life in the UK and were very happy there. We both said almost
      every day that we just want to go home.

      Marion, I saw them take you down two or three times a week for ECT
      that they gave you – you never questioned anything – you went along
      with what they did…I wonder did the doctor ever sit down and explain
      everything to you. You were such a nice gentle soul. When the nurses
      called you again for the timed drugs – sometimes you told them that
      you had already been down to the nurses station and had been given
      that timed drug…but they would give it to you anyway and God love
      you – you took that drug too. After several weeks of several ECTs you
      were becoming confused…another lovely woman there would look out for
      you and the three of us were friends for that time.

      One night you were told to fast as you were going down early the next
      morning. When you came back later that day – you got out of the bed to
      go to the bathroom. As you walked past me you said you were in
      terrible pain and that the pain was going right up through you. I knew
      then Marion what probably happened to you…but what could I say there
      were ears everywhere. It was not safe to talk. A while after that you
      were even more confused and you would chat away about us all being in
      a hotel and that we were your neighbours…Wouldn’t it be wonderful
      Marion if that was true and that we could all meet up again soon –
      this time in a hotel by the sea.

      God love you Marion, you became more confused and was unsure which was
      your wardrobe…I opened your wardrobe door and showed you all of your
      lovely clothes – your birthday presents from September were still
      there and you asked me “Are they all mine”. I told you yes and I
      suggested some change of clothes for you to put on after your shower.
      You were so childlike by then but I will never forget your eyes…the
      hurt was there and I knew that you knew there was something bad
      happening but you did not know how to voice it. Your body too is more
      than likely full of keyhole surgery marks. How would you understand
      what has happened to you. Have they forced down your brain and your
      memories so bad now that they can do what they like to you. Have they
      stated to your family that you suffer now from Dementia…Have they
      the medical cartel of corruption placed you in a nursing home….Have
      they started the process to sell your lovely home you spoke so
      lovingly about…to pay for your care. By the tme I was “released” you
      had been moved to the 24 hour watch ward – at mealtimes you had almost
      stopped eating completely – I could see the weight falling off
      you…As I stood at the ward door that last day you turned around your
      head in your bed – we waved to each other – Oh God Marion what is this
      corrupt Church and State doing to women like us. 2015 Marion and a
      whole Irish Society once again silent on the abduction of human life
      for Pharma barbaric trials.

      The pain going up through you Marion my dear enslaved friend – Have
      they, the medical mafia, mutilated you too and taken your female
      organs as they have done to me. Sure what can we say Marion – even now
      with evidence of other procedures done to me other than that foot
      operation family and friends do not understand as they believe in the
      “good” doctor but just like the Magdalene women and the Symphysiotomy
      women Marion we know what the medical cartel of criminals are capable
      of…even with the evidence no Patient Group, no Department of Health,
      no solicitor…we have been abducted from our lives Marion by the same
      Church and State that grabbed women and children from their homes and
      from the streets.

      Reading back through this Marion I pray with all my heart that you are
      sitting in your lovely home in front of a warm fire. If I had gone
      along with the medical mafia Marion I could be probably be there with
      you in that facility of cover up that I fear you are in. I am still
      here outside but not free. Imagine Marion the Irish Army and Gardai
      fire some weapons at me that bring up round circled bruising on my
      body – I must be Ireland’s most wanted – I am certainly Novartis’s
      most hunted – The sadness of it all Marion. I know Marion that up to
      June 2013 you have placed a memorial in the papers for your husband –
      I could not find one for 2014 – and yet I found many up to
      2013…within two months of that you were enslaved in that place.

      Marion in memory of you where ever you are I now call us abducted
      women for pharma mafia and Church and State abuse and torture “The
      Marion Women” and in some future day, future time we will be
      vindicated but my dear friend so many of us will have suffered torture
      and death by then. God Bless you and we will walk through moonbeams in
      time with Angels of Love and care all around us.

      Your enslaved pal,

      Teri – written on behalf of
      “The Marion Women” who have been abducted and enslaved in Ireland for
      Pharma abuse and torture in clinical trials by Irish Church and State
      2013 –


  9. “We cannot tolerate a situation where those who are suffering come seeking help and are saddled with even greater and dangerous hardships from the very hands that were supposed to help.”

    This sums it up perfectly Brian



  10. I am a GP in Dublin with a big interest in nutrient therapy in mental health. I prescribe antidepressants and antipsychotics but I also try to reduce or eliminate them where appropriate. I believe that there is normally a biochemical aspect to mental health and I try to figure out what is wrong with the patient by doing a lot of blood and urine tests. In my experience Irish women often have a problem with overmethylation – too many CH3 molecules in the brain. They tend to be anxious as well as depressed and often smoke and drink a lot. There is a high level of copper in their blood so they produce a lot of adrenaline. Low libido is quite common and many of them get worse if they go on the pill. They are often musical or artistic and are generally helpful to others. Panic attacks are common. Antidepressants do not work well as a rule so they suffer a lot. They usually respond to nicotinamide, B6, zinc, Vit C , E, B12, folic acid and other nutrients. Many of them are well in 4 months without medication. We have some undermethylated patients too- mostly professional hard-working people, a lot of farmers and businessmen. They tend to be very depressed and they benefit greatly from antidepressants. This is the dominant problem in Australia and America. They need to be methylated with methionine or SAMe ,calcium , zinc, B6, C and E but not B12 or folic acid. Overall then natural treatment is highly effective in Ireland and medication will often make them worse. There are some other types of depression too but they are quite rare.


    1. Edmond..
      It is interesting that you say that men are ‘benefiting greatly’ from anti-depressants…\
      I would be interested in discussing this further..
      What – in you opinion- defines the meaning of ‘benefit’ in regards to anti-depressants for men?.
      because, in my opinion, the ‘benefit’ it an illusion..
      If you mean benefit, in the sense that the drug induces a serotonin buzz, an emotional numbing, and a sedative/emotional anaesthetic etc then this could indeed be perceived as a ‘benefit’ in the sense that the male individual is on a prescription drug which gives him a chemical distraction therefore the drugs effects distract..
      This is not that different to the usage of alcohol, or cannabis in men..
      Are these ‘social lubricants’/recreational drugs not also used by some men to drug away reality, emotional pain, boredom, dissatisfaction, depression, bad memories etc?…
      Psychiatric drugs are just legal psycho-actives, they are not medicinal, nor do they offer real healing in the sense that we would expect from something medicinal..
      And the risks…
      Don’t get me started on the risks..
      Truly horrible side effects..


      1. Men benefit more than women by taking antidepressants. The main reason seems to be that about 15% of women who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, low libido and depression have very high copper levels. The normal serum copper level is about 15 but I see dozens of women who have very high copper – in the range of 20-42- and no other abnormality is found in other biochemical tests. In the brain copper converts some dopamine to noradrenaline and a little of that is converted to adrenaline. If the copper level is high the adrenaline results in very severe anxiety and depression and the quality of life is destroyed. It is quite feasible to bring the copper down to normal over about 4 months,using zinc and other nutrients. Antidepressants can do very little. One woman aged 42 came to me last year and her copper was 35. She had spent over €20,000 attending psychiatrists plus time in psychiatric hospitals with little benefit. She is well now using nutrients only. Incidentally post-natal depression can be rapidly improved by getting the natural high level of copper in the body at the end of pregnancy down to normal. Very few men have high copper depression and most of them would benefit from antidepressants. Note though that those patients with overmethylation can usually get more benefit from nutrients than medication and this can be done over a period of 4-6 months. See http://www.walshinstitute.org and judytsafrirmd.com for further information.


  11. Dr Edmond O’Flaherty – what a contrast to all we know beyond the “Emperor’s Clothes” but Thank you for making me laugh … what University do you lay claim to – what great College of Medicine have you travelled – there is one science that many doctors of great self importance seem to have difficulty with…that is the Science of Truth that can be learnt very easily if one only took the time…perhaps you can declare your Pharma interest or Pharma sponsorship…as I said Thank you for making me laugh…so now it is not just us women, but farmers and businesmen – of which many are women – but sure you know that already…

    Abducted Lives for Torture…2014

    Oh Lord, I come before you today to ask

    What is it Lord about the female frame

    That teases out the evil in professional

    Folk who seem to hiss at our very being

    What is it Lord that they can and do

    Abduct us from our lives once so loved

    And subject us to a cell of torture

    That was once our loving home

    Where every member of Church and State

    Including healthcare and police professionals

    Become at an instant sight of us…a Dr Mengele

    Of Terror who turns insane to kill our very Soul

    Friend and friend declare

    Sure isn’t that bruise from when you fell

    Another visit to Lab 101 and how

    Do I explain that even the swelling

    In the most private parts has been done

    By mad mad men who hide behind

    Their Oath of “First do No Harm”…

    When I sensed this a few years ago

    Lord, I wrote a poem about what I saw…

    It was then I was told that I was a

    Thorn in their side as I knew exactly

    What they were doing to me…

    >From the Medical and Community Torture Lord,

    Policed by the once honest and good kind policemen

    I wrote about the betrayal of those who have sworn

    The Oath of First Do No Harm –

    Broken Trust, humiliation, degradation and

    Their weapons of body destruction is their

    Game in Human Life Pursuit by the Cult of Death..

    Perhaps it was always like this but how it

    Maddened them that I saw through their lies

    And still they harmed and lied and lied…

    As Mary Rafferty said “They think we are eejits”…

    You have seen them Lord inject their acid into

    My bones, you have seen them mutilate my insides

    In this Land that has seen so much bloodshed –

    2011 Lord, when I first took their medicine,

    They smiled at me,

    When I suffered their medicine,

    They shouted at me,

    As my health suffered and broke down

    >From the Pharma poison that ripped

    Through my body, They ignored me,

    As I arrived at hospital after hospital

    With swollen burning face and throat,

    Acid and fluid building up in my body

    They shunned me and called me a Liar –

    When I refused to take their tablet forms

    Of acid of solpadene and difene into an

    Already swollen body of acidosis

    They used their gamma rays…and

    Then of course they lied and lied…

    I look out the window and I see life getting on

    With itself…cars, trucks and buses go flying by…

    How I want to step back into the life I had but

    A prisoner/ in the cowards’ army that shows

    No mercy is where I am enslaved…

    Politicians go on about human rights and

    Dignity…they utter apologies to the Magdalene

    Women but still deny the pain and violation of

    The Symphysiotomy women of Ireland…

    Ireland, Glorious Mother in Green

    What is being done to us women who may

    Write of what they know, of what they see

    >From the inner eye within their Soul..

    I walk down the town and the secret evolution

    Hide no more – they openly pass me by

    And do their lewd acts…

    Even lone individuals turn on the Street

    And raise their arm up straight in a salute

    Oh Lord Lord Lord

    Hold the bruised and suffering bodies who

    Suffers a Nation’s abuse as Human Subjects,

    Designated Slaves for Clinical Trials,

    Slaves for Torture and sent to Lab 101 in their

    Dirty Tricks and Lies campaign of minor operations

    For the sake of your good health, they state –

    We are labelled paranoid as that is what the

    Lethal Weapon of control named Psychiatry does…

    It was the same back then Lord…genocide of the

    Most gentle of Souls – God help us all someway…

    Dr Michael Corry swore to drive a Stake in the

    Heart of Psychiatry but does it have a Heart, Lord?

    Rest in Peace good kind Doctor Corry

    Mary Rafferty wrote about the abuse and deaths of children

    Under the care of Church and State…

    Mary stated “They think we are eejits”..

    Mary got cancer and died at 54

    Rest in Peace Mary – you did so much to

    Break the Silence…

    There are many others Lord, who tried and died

    Or were silenced by the evil of Power that

    Terrorises our Land…

    Wash our tears away Lord as the Thought

    Police question our every move…

    Ease our burning bones Lord as the evil of

    Power does their best to kill off bonemarrow

    Beneath dried out skin that has

    Suffered the burns of radiation too many times

    My Lord, My Dear Jesus – As the

    Thorns pierced your head…Was it

    Then Lord that a spot of your Blood

    Fell down on to the breast of a little Bird…

    >From then we knew of the robin red breast

    Lord, my God, how I feel your presence

    Every time I see the Robin as she bobs along

    We went down to Clonmacnoise one day…and

    There I saw the most beautiful of Robins…I had

    Never seen the like before or since…the Robin

    Looked like a cartoon character from a

    Disney Movie – Her breast was as red as blood

    My companion saw it too – And said he saw

    A second one by the old ruins of the church

    Nearby – the Robin beside me kept running up

    To me and we only had an apple in the car

    We broke it in pieces to feed the robin

    And some other birds who chirped by…

    It started to rain, I got back in the car…

    And the Robin flew right up onto the wing mirror

    Beside me and chirped right up to my face…

    As we drove slowly away our Robin ran along

    The wall beside us until we turned a corner

    And were out of sight…

    Was that your Angel Lord, sending out some

    Comfort to the broken down frame of your child

    Lord..Thank you for your comfort at times when I

    Forget how to pray..

    Amen to you My God….

    In You, My God, I place my Love, Trust and Hope



  12. Teri – sorry I missed your earlier message. I am not sure if you misunderstood me or I misunderstood you … or maybe a bit of both. When I referred to your inaccuracy it was in the context of your phrase “I do agree with you on Dr Terry Lynch – a doctor making his money on talking about bad pharma drugs”. I believe this is a misrepresentation of what Dr. Terry Lynch is doing. He is one of the leaders in a very important campaign and the more books he writes about this the better, in my opinion. There is no amount of money that could compensate for the number of hours of research that go into each of his books. Through my interest in this whole area I have gotten to know Terry and I respect him and his integrity to the hilt.

    You asked about my connections! I have worked as a guidance counsellor and as a psychologist. Not only have I zero connections with pharmaceuticals but have turned down projects where pharmaceutical interests were involved and will continue to do so. I have great respect for physical medicine where advances have been made relying on sound scientific investigation. Psychiatric medication is a different matter as, in general, it operates from an unproven hypothesis about chemical imbalance, creates an illusion of “illness” where there is none, seriously reduces the chances that the real causes of an individual’s distress will be uncovered, and instigates a condition of dangerous dependency. Its current approach to so-called ADHD is particularly appalling.

    In 1985 I trained in Reality Therapy and found Dr. Glasser’s challenge to the existing ideas on mental health refreshing and in line with my experience. I continue to be heavily involved in his organisation. Simiilar to Dr. Corry, whom I had the good fortune to know, Glasser saw depression as a total behaviour of thinking, doing, feeling and physiology and certainly not an illness or even a defect. He also saw our feelings as the barometer of our lives, telling us how well or how poorly we were meeting our basic needs. Painful feelings of any sort are telling us that all is not well. It then makes sense to find out what is wrong and fix it. The psychiatric custom of labelling depression as an illness cuts across this process reducing the individual’s ability to think, diminishing his or her sense of personal control, blocking any search for causes/solutions and often condemning the person to a life-long involvement with an addictive substance. I fully agree with you that we must do all we can to stop this widespread abuse and to ensure that people who want help get help and not harm. Methinks we are on the same side.


    1. Brian (Lennon) – I have just read your last comment. Yes, I agree with you here. I have come to “know” Dr Terry Lynch through his ongoing stance with speaking up on the “Emperor’s New Clothes” which are well worn out by now, especially in his (Dr T Lynch) challenge to Bressie to explain..”either you did say it or didn’t say it”. I have some weeks ago requested his book from Tullamore Library and they are ordering it in – I do realise that in my own personal hurts from the dark side of medicine I may not take enough time to fully understand doctors like Terry Lynch – I am indeed grateful to him now at the path he is taking – and we have since beome friends on FB – he is consistent in his “speaking up”. Books are, of course, of value to the mind and a necessity when they give truth and I now fully support Dr Lynch. Women in the North were dragged out of their homes, tarred and feathered for even nodding or looking at a British Soldier, Jean McConville was dragged from her home, tortured and shot dead on a “suspicion” which her family have proven was not true – and here in Éire we have legalised criminals torture, controlling and abusing our youth, men women and children for Pharmagods of Evil and a Government who allow this should be challenged in every way. Of course, Sinn Fein is involved in this torture and corruption of Pharma Ireland, if only by their silence.

      Thank you for your reflection and comment.


  13. (T.A. KEANE) As far as I’m aware, most if not all political parties including
    Sinn Fein supported the Millennium Development Goals (as defined circa
    2002-2005)-I.e. ‘Equality’ (including Ireland’s commitment to achieve
    ‘Gender Equality’ by 2015), scaling up interactions of ‘Mental Health’ services;
    Poverty Reduction’,’Improve Palliative Care’; Education initiatives and so
    forth as well as involving ‘Sustainable Development; ‘Behavioural issues;’
    combating Climate Change’ and many other programmes and aims linked to
    Economic Development and Trade Agreements to help promote ‘Communitarian
    values’ whilst helping to expand the Global framework’.

    It may be understood that the barbaric Mental Health cum Psych drugs programme
    has been designed to blend into many other ‘Communitarian’ programmes. It seems
    safe to assume that the Republic of Ireland may have taken these programmes on board domestically either in part or wholesale (I don’t know which), in keeping with a commitment
    to act to whatever extent in further support of ‘Global objectives’ as above outlined.


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