Well-Being Foundation Award

The Well-Being Foundation: “It’s that time of year. Time mag, the IT, the Grauniad, they all do it. We’re not great ones for PoY awards, partly because they exclude so many deserving people, but for once — Leonie Fennell is our Woman of the Year. Hero!” 

Photo Courtesy of Caroline
Photo Courtesy of Caroline

Aw shucks! I’m not quite sure what to say here, except – I’m very proud to accept the ‘Woman of the Year’ award from the Well-Being Foundation. This Foundation was set up by Dr Michael Corry and his partner Aine Tubridy.

Taken from the Well-being website following Dr Corry’s death on 22/02/2010 – “If opposition is any sign, then Michael’s campaigns certainly rattled the ‘great and the good’ of Irish psychiatry. Professor Patricia Casey sued him and RTE for libel in 2005, a case settled by the broadcaster, and Professor Ted Dinan of UCC made a complaint to the Fitness to Practice Committee of the IMC over his public comments on the role of SSRIs (in Shane’s case).” Ah yes, so no surprises there then!

It was a pleasure to meet both of these lovely people, albeit, it goes without saying that I wish it was under different circumstances. I accept this award with enormous pride on behalf of myself and Shane, particularly as it’s coming from the Well-being Foundation. Thank you, and rest in Peace Dr Corry and Aíne Tubridy!

Cuba 12

Dr Corry and Aine Tubridy

9 thoughts on “Well-Being Foundation Award

  1. One word: Proud

    Your tenacity is a shining example to those just starting out in this murky world we, for whatever reasons, have decided to embroil ourselves in.

    Through Shane, you were pushed into this world and you have witnessed many frustrations and red-tape that, for some, would have been enough for them to throw in the towel.

    You kept on going…you continue to do so.

    It’s that old Irish fighting spirit.

    I hope Casey has been made aware, Lundbeck too.

    All of my heroes are heroines.


    1. Leonie, what can I say…it is just one of many awards that are in process for you…but who but the Wellbeing Foundation will have the courage, the commitment and the truth to come forward and acknowledge you…a mother of a son who lost and suffered because of adverse presciption drug side effects…many of us in the shadows who dared to speak out before the suicide demon “got us” have suffered and still we suffer as we suffer the establishment and the so called “do gooders” of “patient safety” pierce our very hearts with dangerous medications and when we question “the establishment/salesmen of pharma” “patient safety” hits out at our own children and cause injury and suffering…as they wonder why sudden headaches, eye pain and back pain..the sins of the mother for “questioning adverse side effects” and Government corruption…stay safe…you are a true advocate for truth for truth is freedom…many of us do suffer and will continue to suffer but even if one ounce of truth that may be you Leonie, gets through or unsettles the battleship in any way then all of our suffering and our lives have had some meaning….God’s Blessings and all of our love to you this Christmas as you welcome Maria among you all…Shane indeed, is so proud…and we all remember him with love for igniting that spark of hope, truth and freedom within his own Mom, that is you Leonie…Teri


  2. Absolutely wonderful Leoni. A warrior’s reward of recognition can only really be granted by other warriors, the ones who understand the battle. You have earned the bows.


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