Dodgy Professors and Even Dodgier Decisions.

Irish Times LariamOn the front page of today’s Sunday Times, an article by Mark Tighe reports that the army expert who advised the Irish Government on it’s practice of prescribing the dangerous drug Lariam, has previously received funding from Roche, the manufactures of Lariam.

So someone finally gets the conflict of interest here? Patricia Schlagenhauf stated that she is the ‘Malaria Prevention Advisor’ to the Irish Armed Forces. My previous blog on Lariam here.

Patricia Schlagenhauf
Patricia Schlagenhauf

Presumably Alan Shatter relied on Professor Schlagenhauf’s advice when he defended the use of the drug following a number of ‘suicides’ of Irish troops. He disputed its links to suicide, stating “There is no evidence in any of the coroners’ inquests linking any deaths to Lariam.” This is one of his decisions which I wholeheartedly disagree with. Why listen to the families, when the ‘pharma funded’ expert is telling you otherwise?

Okay, putting it into my perspective; following my son’s ‘death by Lundbeck’, why was Patricia Casey allowed to intervene in Shane’s inquest having had years of links to the same pharmaceutical company? Why did the medical council, following my complaint, feel the need to get an ‘independent‘ report from Oxford from someone who also has numerous links to Lundbeck? I have to give some credit to Professor Cowen, who was willing to communicate with me and answer my questions. He said he didn’t know the full circumstances but Professor Healy was in a better position to assess Shane’s case. You mean this assessment? The same report that the Medical Council were reluctant to accept from me? Isn’t e-mail wonderful!

Who’s running the show here? Nice to see this article today in the ‘Sunday Times’ albeit little comfort for the families of these young troops. There is a growing opinion that drug induced death can never and should never be called suicide. Millie Kieve of APRIL has been campaigning for a verdict of ‘Iatrogenic death’ following the death of her daughter.

Iatrogenic death: deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures.

5 thoughts on “Dodgy Professors and Even Dodgier Decisions.

  1. see george hook on brendan o’connor show last night and leave your comment on facebook, twitter or email.

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  2. You really are amazing Leonie, everytime I read something new you have found it fills me with encouragement to keep going. I wonder everyday why they would do this, why do they lie to families & try block them from revealing the truth, then I realise when your taking on the biggest legal drugpushers in the world you really are going to have a fight. So may I thank you Leonie for helping mammies like me & giving us the strength to carry on daily in our fight in the name of our poor children, who needlessly died.


    1. Thanks Stephanie,
      I can’t take the credit for that one. My researcher (Tony) came back from the shop and said ‘did you see that article in the Sunday Times’. ‘I said No, did you get the paper?’ He was shipped back down to the shop quick smart!
      Mammies are the only ones who can fight for their children, and dads. Who else would do it? Even medical people with the knowledge that drugs can cause people to die, don’t usually stick their heads above the parapet, for fear of it being chopped off. There are a few good ones though with a lot of backbone like David Healy, although it seems to me there are more and more willing to speak out. They are getting fed up with being paid muppet/puppets and not allowed to have an opinion unless it’s pharma given Eg., Mr Sultan. Truth will always win eventually.
      Illegitimi non carborundum my friend!


  3. This is a reply to Shatter on there is no link to Lariam and suicide. The FDA has added this to there safety literature. (Neurologic side effects can occur at any time during drug use, and can last for months to years after the drug is stopped or can be permanent.) As I have said so many times shatter can say no coroner has put Lariam down to suicide of Soldiers, Well no Soldier was ever tested for Lariam because the low life the defence forces are would not report for a test to be done for Lariam Toxins.


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