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Just how long will the Irish Government bury their heads in the sand?

Just how long will the Irish Government bury their heads in the sand?

In light of Declan Gilsenan’s (Retired Assistant State Pathologist) concerns about the number of people committing suicide on SSRI Anti-depressants, what will the Irish Government do?

I have just got off the phone from Kathleen Lynch’s office AGAIN, regarding our proposed meeting concerning the issue of these drugs and the causal effect with suicide.  Following Declan Gilsenan’s comments in the Irish Examiner, I would have thought this would be a matter of utmost importance. I understand I may be seen as a grieving mother and therefore a bit lacking upstairs; that’s why I organised an ex-minister with the same concerns, Prof Healy and Declan Gilsenan who are also willing to attend this meeting. Despite this, my numerous e-mails, including my latest one to our Taoiseach Enda Kenny, have as yet remained unanswered.

DID THEY NOT HEAR WHAT HE SAID? Of the last 5 Autopsies he performed on suicide victims, 4 had been recently introduced to Antidepressants. DO THEY THINK THE ‘BENEFITS OUTWEIGHED THE RISKS’ IN THESE CASES?

The Irish Examiner: “When an autopsy expert with 30 years of experience suspects a possible link between suicide and the use of powerful anti-depressant drugs, it becomes a matter of the utmost concern and one that warrants immediate investigation. The grave doubts expressed by former assistant state pathologist Dr Declan Gilsenan lend considerable weight to calls for action on this controversial issue. The authorities would be failing in their duty of care to the public if they do not heed his concerns over the number of suicide cases where he had carried out autopsies on victims who had recently started taking the anti-depressants in question.”

The Government, for some reason, along with the European Commission in Brussels, are keeping an eye on my blog and yet are ignoring the issue. They would rather listen to the Irish Psychiatry of Ireland who state there is no problem and these drugs do not cause suicide. Funny how the drug companies have to admit that they actually do! Link.

Then again, considering a lot of these Psychiatrists have a nice little sideline working for the same Pharmaceutical Companies who make these drugs, Is it any wonder they don’t want to rock the boat? Are the lives of the innocent people they are supposed to protect not sufficient to rouse their Guilt complex? Or maybe they suffer from some form of delusional disorder; I’m sure there must be a pill for that.

5 thoughts on “Just how long will the Irish Government bury their heads in the sand?”

  1. It’s getting so old isn’t it? I just read something the other day about the Australian Government looking at disallowing Homeopathy under their health care due to the number of related deaths. I don’t recall the exact number of deaths but it was relatively small (maybe 6 related in last 10 years) .

    Yes, it’s all about the $$$$.

    Have faith girl and keep pushing!!



  2. Thanks Lori, I will.
    How many multiple thousands of pharma victims have committed suicide by using drugs with suicide ideation as a listed side-effect? Wonder how much pharma money props up the Australian Government, not to mention the Irish Government?
    Man made medicines are made from artificial compounds and tested on lab rats before being unleashed on the public for being marginally better than placebo. Yet plants and herbal remedies are seen as Alternative medicine, more pharma propaganda.


  3. It’s basically down to economics and power structures really. That’s the sad part. Ministers in Ireland can do very little in the area of mental health because biological Irish psychiatry has the power there. Anytime they try to, they are shot down by the psychiatric machine. They are afraid to tackle them. The pharmaceutical industry holds major sway economically too. So they are afraid to confront them also. It’s a very sad state of affairs, and the these medications have been flagged as dangerous for over a decade now, or more.


    1. Hi Truthman,
      It is the Irish Governments job to run the Country. If corruption in the medical profession has to be stamped out, it’s their job to do it. The Government is put in place to run the Country and protect it’s citizens. You and I and Shane deserve/d to be protected. The Irish Medicines Board are doing nothing; the EMA are doing nothing. These drugs are killing and have killed thousands of innocent people, it’s just not good enough. The Irish college of Psychiatry have been allowed to deny these side effects uninterrupted for far too long. There should be a declaration of interest, signed by every member, to see exactly who is in the pharmaceutical industries pocket. Then we will see if there are any unbiased professionals who deserve to dish out advice.


  4. I agree Leonie, and sponsorship of individual psychiatrists by drug companies should be completely banned, or at the very least the public should have access to how much influence they are having. I think your delegation to meet the minister is very strong and I am hopeful that something will have to be done. 🙂


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