Recording of our meeting with Lundbeck.

Lundbeck Recording.

Before we went to the meeting with Lundbeck I had asked if I could record the meeting and they said no to me, BUT they never said Tony wasn’t allowed to record. He had a video pen in his pocket and also a digital voice recorder. I don’t really know the legalities of this but considering the fact that Lundbeck are aware that their medication can cause suicide/homicide and did nothing to warn Shane and are doing nothing to warn future victims, I don’t really care!

As a matter of Public Policy, I think the general public should have access to this recording, if only to hear the Teratogen question and their affirmation that Citalopram and Escitalopram can cause birth defects. The public should be aware of what this company stands for… making money. Shane was just collateral damage.

This company has already taken our perfect handsome son away from us so what can be worse than that, Nothing! I am tired of people telling me…You can’t do this, Wait for the right time, If you want something done you have to go about it the right way, you can’t do that, it’s illegal Ect, Ect…

I know our friends and family are trying to protect us but Lundbeck and all the other pharmaceutical companies who manufacture ssri’s are killing people and getting away with it. Babies are dying from the teratogenic effects of these drugs and Lundbeck’s answer to that one…It’s up to the Doctor to warn pregnant women that this drug can harm their unborn baby! Is this not illegal, and if not, it should be!

You can view a few minutes of the recording here and I will put the other recording up when it’s finished being cleaned up as the quality of sound is much better!

6 thoughts on “Recording of our meeting with Lundbeck.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies need to start realizing that they cannot hide from their crimes anymore. It is an absolute scandal how they have concealed the truth about SSRI’s. The biggest of respect to yourself and Tony. You entered the belly of the beast and you emerged triumphant. I was prescribed Seroxat and I became extremely aggressive, I know of many other whom developed suicidal thoughts, aggression and self harm due solely to the effects of SSRI drugs. These are not anecdotal tales, they are people’s real experiences and they can no longer be denied.

    Lundbeck, Glaxo and all the other pharmaceutical companies (and the psychiatrists on their payrolls) should be absolutely ashamed of their involvement in this massive scam. They do view us as collateral damage, and it is high time that they were all brought to book. It is an absolute disgrace and an outrage.

    Looking forward to when you blog the rest of the recording. I have a feeling it’s going to set the blogosphere aflame…


  2. It’s up to the Doctor to warn pregnant women that this drug can harm their unborn baby!

    That’s a good copout for Lundbeck! Put the responsibility onto the doctors. But what if Lundbeck never told the doctors about the teratogenic property of Cipramil?


  3. To lose a son to drug abuse by corrupt, dishonest and maverick pharmaceutical companies is terrible.

    I am so sorry and many, many of us, who have gone through similar scenarios are right behind you.

    You are doing what any indignant parent would do and I am full of admiration for your fortitude and good grace.

    Wishing you every success with your fight and it is a huge fight, but it can be delivered.

    With respect and good wishes.


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