Our meeting with Lundbeck in Copenhagen.

Wake-up Copenhagen.

Shane died on 16th Aug 2009 and last year to pass the day, we did a walk for charity. This year 27 family members and friends braved the cold water and swam to Dalkey Island while myself and Tony went to Copenhagen to hand out 1500 leaflets around Copenhagen warning of the dangers of Lundbeck’s drug. We focused mainly around the Valby area where Lundbeck has their head office. We wanted their employees and neighbours to know that Lundbeck’s drugs can kill and that the drug Shane was on for 17 days (Cipramil), along with their other creation Lexapro can cause some people to commit suicide and extreme violence. By the way…not the delusions of a mad and sad mother but also proven with scientific evidence!

We were met by Elsbeth who picked us up from the airport, translated for us, brought us around by the hand and showed us the best of amazing Danish hospitality, Elsebeth style. She brought us to the Lundbeck offices in Valby where they had agreed to meet with us as we had some questions about their supposed antidepressant.

I cannot tell you what I expected to gain from this meeting, apart from the truth which wasn’t very forthcoming. We met with “one of their senior experts” Dr. Madsen and a PR guy Anders Schroll. It was interesting that despite two of Lundbecks medical represenatives previously admitting that Citalopram and Escitalopram could cause a person to commit suicide, their Dear Doctor Letter admitting to reports of self harm and harm to others and a suicide in a clinical trial for this same medication, these two claimed they were unaware of these cases.                                                                                                                                                                                    

I also found it extremely interesting that Dr. Madsen could not explain a chemical imbalance because this theory was a very important factor in the invention of ssri’s. Could it be Dr. Madsen that the chemical imbalance theory is based on another false pharmaceutical/psychiatry tale and widely used to promote the use of ssri’s?

Dr. Madsen and Mr. Schroll also claimed to be unaware that Professor David Healy brought the issue of ssri’s and suicide to Lundbeck’s attention in 1999, ten years before Shane died. More about the questions we put to Lundbeck and their answers coming soon!

We also met with Anne Lea Landsted, a professor of journalism who uncovered Lundbeck’s fraudulent licencing of their drug Denxit in India. Link. Another example of the type of company that we are dealing with is that after this fraud was uncovered, Lundbeck tried to discredit Anne but the facts of her investigation and her proof were so strong, there was nothing they could do. They later had to apologise and offered to take the drug off the market, but didn’t. She told us of Lundbeck’s lies, cheating and fraudulent corruption at that time…no surprises there then, nothing has changed!  

We stayed on for an extra few days because I had been e-mailing (pestering) a scientific expert Carl Hugod who agreed to meet with us and discuss another example of fraud and the corrupt way that Lundbeck first got the licence for Cipramil in Denmark. Carl is a medical expert who worked in the Danish National Board of Health and when contacted by two journalists investigating Lundbeck’s Cipramil, took on the responsibility for looking through the scientific papers which Lundbeck submitted for the licencing of this drug.

What he found was was that scientifically, the evidence was very poor and there was nothing to show that this drug was any better than other ssri’s and in fact possibly could be worse. He said that on a scientific level this work would not have been accepted in a university and was another case of Lundbeck doing whatever was needed to get a drug licenced, by fraud and corruption. Lundbeck manipulated the data from the Cipramil studies to show that this drug was better than other ssri’s when in fact it clearly wasn’t. Carl made a complaint to the board of scientific fraud and publicly voiced his concerns that some professionals on the licencing board were being paid by “The Lundbeck Fund” which Lundbeck said was an entirely different company…Yeah right! Link.

He very kindly gave us the some copies of his complaint and said we could use them if needed. Strange after talking to two of Lundbeck’s mouthpieces to talk to a Honest Scientist who is not afraid to tell the truth. Incidentally, Carl was also instrumental in the eradication of Asbestos from the Danish Industry.

The hotel we stayed in was called Wake-up Copenhagen, ironic when you think that the Danish people are being lied to just the same as we are by this pharmaceutical company who are killing people behind the mask of their non-existent pharmacovigilence.

6 thoughts on “Our meeting with Lundbeck in Copenhagen.

  1. I think you are both incredibly brave to confront the manufacturers of the drug that sent Shane over the edge, it can’t have been easy for you.

    You are both doing a terrific job in creating awareness and I greatly admire your strength and courage to go up against the fraud that exists in medicine regulators, psychiatry and pharmaceutical companies.

    Shane is still working through you both, never lose sight of that fact.

    Love you both.



  2. Alf and I are glowing with pride that we can count two people as special as you two, as our friends..

    But not nearly as proud as Shane is of you both for standing up for him…

    You could not have had a more gorgeous, special son…the world should know that.

    What had happened couldn’t be more unfair…

    For confronting a criminal corporation directly who thought they can get away with their constant fraudulent marketing and lies.

    For doing what’s right, and most of all for trying to protect the innocent and vulnerable.

    Your fight and struggle is young and already your lives have been worth living.
    You’re helping to make this planet a safer one.

    Much love!
    Alf & Steph.


  3. The biggest respect to yourself Leonie and Tony. It seems to me that they met you both because they are trying to quell the disquiet of the blogs and the awareness which you are so admirably building. It is patronizing that they would meet you but not admit anything. As David Healy says, some of the side effects, particularly severe aggression, would be rare, but that leaves a question mark over who could it happen to?

    Lundbeck and other pharmaceutical companies can never admit this because it would open them up for liability. They would rather deny all, and let those rare but devastating SSRI induced events occur, than admit that there even a small possibility. It is statistical human damage which pharmaceutical companies factor into all their drugs. They are quite adept at these PR exercises, but I find it interesting that they claimed no knowledge of certain things which would be very much widespread facts. Seems to me that they didn’t really know what to say to you, and most likely under-estimated your knowledge and determination. 🙂


  4. I love that you handed out leaflets warning the citizens of Copenhagen about the dangers of antidepressants.

    As truthman30 said, Lundbeck or other pharma companies can never admit any wrongdoing because of fear of litigation. Just as a prosecutor in a criminal court case will fight against the release of a wrongfully convicted prisoner because the state could be sued for wrongful imprisonment.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the mealy-mouthed responses that Lundbeck came up with to your questions.


  5. Bravo! I admire your stand for justice, truth and your actions advocate for so many people all around the world. Thank you for what you’ve done and are doing.



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