Pfizer’s Zoloft, another dangerous unhappy pill.

Anne Nacci 54, an Artist, who had a history of anxiety, was prescribed the antidepressant Sertralin, also known as Zoloft and Lustral, while having problems in her marraige. 

 Mrs. Nacci had spoken to her sister and husband by text on January 17 and had told both that she was in bed and her tablets were causing problems but was hoping to go on a health walk with her sister the next day.

Mrs Nacci, of Clifton Road, Whitstable, was found dead next to the Glebe Way foot crossing on the morning of Tuesday, January 18. Full article. She had been struck by a coastal-bound train.

The inquest, last week, heard that she had left her jacket neatly folded and her favourite trainers beside the kissing gate just yards from her home.

Zoloft is an another ssri and introduced to the market by Pfizer. Internal documents from Pfizer, made public in litigation, showed that 85 scientific articles on its antidepressant Zoloft were produced and co-ordinated by a public relations company. (Ghost writing)

In May this year, the Irish Times reported that an Irishman, Nicolas Maguire 52, three weeks after he began taking a combination of anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs, died suddenly after he initially decided to take his own life, then changed his mind, but by then it was too late.

Mr Maguire’s GP, Dr Orla Batt, prescribed a combination of anti-anxiety drug Alprazolam (trade name Xanax) and the antidepressant Sertraline (trading under Zoloft or Lustral) after he presented with anxiety, sleeplessness, weight loss and depression on June 8th, 2010.

Dr Batt told the court “Research is not my area but I’m not aware of any problems with these medications.” Professor of psychiatry at Cork University Hospital Ted Dinan, said he said he was not aware of any convincing evidence linking Sertraline to suicidal behaviour. I disagree but hey, I’m not the medical professional!

Googled in the U.S….You should know that your mental health may change in unexpected ways when you take sertraline or other antidepressants even if you are an adult over 24 years of age. Link.

In 2009, Pfizer agreed to pay a record $2.3-billion in a healthcare fraud settlement. Also in 2009, Pfizer agreed to pay $70m after deaths of Nigerian children in drug trial experiment.

16 year old’s suicide blamed on Zoloft.

Woody’s Zoloft-induced suicide at age 37.

Julie’s suicide, 7 days on Zoloft.

The Roberts family, Zoloft induced suicide/homicides.

Matt Miller age 13, suicide after 6 days on Zoloft.

Complaint to FDA: Pfizer Failed to Disclose Zoloft Suicide Risk in NYT Adverstisement

Sertraline/ Zoloft/ Lustral information from the Irish Medicines Board.


8 thoughts on “Pfizer’s Zoloft, another dangerous unhappy pill.

    1. Hello, my name is Bryan Angle, I Have been taking Zoloft for about a year now. Mainly because I have PTSD. I smoked a lot of Marijuana since middle school through high school and then moved to street drugs such as cocaine, ecstacy, Alcohol, hallucinogens, and Methamphetamine. My dad currently smoke’s Meth and in the past I have used it with him. I have done some dumb things on this drug and I can tell Everyone I am so so sorry about this drug. I regret taking ZOLOFT but then again I don’t Because it makes me Dependent on something but the Dependency feels like if I go without it, I will not be able to go on with my life. its almost like my brain is being controlled and I have multiple personalities that make me feel like I am somebody else. Its kind of like I am in a HALLUCINATION that wont go away. Like my life of depression has been consumed by addiction such as smoking Marijuana, and taking 200 MG of Zoloft everyday. I Am prescribed Trazadone to sleep. I have had Problems with prescription drug abuse since taking Zoloft. Such as vicadin, percocet, Xanax, Valium, klonopin, and basically any oxy type pain reliever narcotics I can get a hold of such as stealing them from the ones I love even my sister who grows Marijuana who I stole around a half of pound of concentrated Hashish out of a jar in her closet I smoked when I started the Zoloft and I also took all off her prescription klonopins and had a Job as cashier at Mccdonalds. At work it was almost like, how did I end up from being a drug dealer who Just lost his virginity to a 42 year old girl named Jill in a place called Victorville where I was using drugs. I WROTE TWO LETTERS ON THE JOB AT MCCDONALDS TO A PRETTY GIRL NAMED BRITNEE AND MY BOSS NAMED MERCEDIES IN MENDOCINO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.
      Hi Britnee, its Ryan, I wanted to write this down so I wouldn’t forget, I lost my virginity to a 42 year old girl named Jill in a place called victorville where I was using drugs. And I look at her like a whore because the first thing she did was pull my pants down. And yes, I did have a dream about you I was on top of you kissing. I just want someone to talk to because this jobs a lot of stress. I just want someone to accept me for me because your the only one who flirts with me. And yes, I do want to have sex with you, but not if you don’t want to. I have only been with one girl in my whole life. Sorry for coming on so strong because of your boyfriend.
      Hi Mercedies, its Ryan, I just wanted to write this down so I wouldn’t forget, I smoke Marijuana. I also take an antidepressant called Zoloft because I have PTSD. Growing up in high school my parents got divorced and my Dad started using Methamphetamine, he would smoke it. He would always ask me if I wanted a hit. We would eat dinner at the Salvation Army, a lot of his friends lost their teeth and pretty much thirty whole life. I get confused when customers are being nice or rude, I don’t know if customers think I am being rude, or as to ignoring them. If I could Change one thing, I would change the Relationship I had with you. I heard Nollen call Beatrice a “FAT BITCH” and I could never be that mean of a person. I really appreciate the opportunity that you gave me and I have a crush on Britnee. If I could ask you for one thing if you can please Have Britnee call me because the only girl in my life is my mom. HOME 707 485 1912
      then my signature and a I drew a picture……..
      I Drew a picture of myself standing at the Cash register with a Mccdonalds hat on that had a bubble that said
      “May I help who’s next, more napkins, more coffee, will that be all? is that for here or to go?”
      HAHAHA…. its kind of funny. I played a game with the company because the job was like I was mentally being abused And I took getting treated like crap from everybody not just the customers but worker’s. It was almost like the Boss wanted to fire me. I got no respect, and I don’t know if the letter I wrote was too happy of a letter like I hope the letter doesn’t come back on me in my future because I think she sent the both letter’s to Corporation headquarters. But, what I am doing is Legal, except I don’t have a prescription for marijuana but my sister does. I thought this letter would be okay to write because it was a funny game, and I got my boss back for all of the people and workers she has screwed over. I was the most physically calm, and mentally knowledgeable person who could serve orders and react with common items such as Ketchup, and pretty much doing everything I was told to do. I know for a fact, I impressed and made people laugh at me. I could tell that they could tell that I looked High. My boss even brought me in a room one day and said “She didn’t know what it was about me”, this made me angry she said “Do you know I can fire you for That?” They recorded me stealing 93 dollars from the customers who forget TO take that 92 dollars change and caught me in the act, so I gave the money back. The boss made me sign a paper that was a statement from her. It is almost like a flashback in my mind.

      The true question is, what was going through my head When I decided to send that letter off with my signature on it and not care and think its funny That I don’t know who might see it.
      I had to go to Court, ::::
      I went to court for sexual harassment against brother and the Judge said “kind of creepy.”
      We talked to a mediator and I started sweating. Brother wanted a perminent restraining order that she couldn’t get on my because I’m not domestic.

      Is this a Zoloft induced letter???
      The letter is sarcastic, and also very, very true and deep.

      Is it good I wrote this letter or bad?

      Atleast I know that I am worth something if I die.


  1. I knew Anne very well. The medication was not what drove her to suicide- she was already suicidal. The problem was the mental health worker who decided she was ‘fine’ and ignored her doctor’s real concerns for Anne. If she had the support she desperately needed from the mental health services I think she would have been alive today. There is a very real chance that anyone on medication for depression will commit suicide as it is symptomatic of the illness to feel suicidal, or to have suicidal thoughts, whether or not you are being treated for it.


    1. Hi Lucy,
      I am so very sorry that Anne died in this way and that she didn’t get the support that she so obviously needed. I am still of the opinion that the medication she was put on shortly before her death could very well have caused her to die by suicide. These medications are supposed to help a depressed person and at the very least, they didn’t help Anne. You said she was already suicidal…these are exactly the type of people who are put on these dangerous drugs. Anne managed to get to age 54 and despite feeling depressed managed to survive.

      These drugs at least double the risk of suicide. The dangerous period is upon starting, discontinuing, or changing dose (Up or Down). If you’re looking for answers, I would advise you to check out Prof Healy’s blog at where you can get the science behind my reasoning.

      Whatever the reason, she seemed like a nice lady and it’s a shame that she’s not here. Thanks for taking the time to comment Lucy.



      1. Hi Leonie,

        I am taking sertraline for depression and anxiety and find it works very well and I am now calm and my depression has lifted and in fact feel fantastic. I suffered side effects for a few weeks but nothing too severe. I was prescribed another SSRI previously and it did not agree with me. The problem is that there is a SSRI for everyone but there is no way of working out which will be best for any individual in advance.



    1. Hi Jen,
      There is so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to start. Were you or your daughter warned of the increased risk of suicide which comes with these drugs? Were you told that this drug is not recommended for under 18’s because of this risk?
      What did the prescriber think the drug would do to your daughter? Did he/she think the drug could work miracles and physically transport her to school?
      Prescribing this drug to a hormonal 15 year old could be a recipe for disaster! I hope she’s ok.


  2. I became severly depressed after i had a herniated disc. The pain became so bad i undertook spinal fusion. Unfortunately this did not alleviate the pain and i lost my abolity to speak properly due to op complications. After losing my job and six moths of extreme pain my family lost patience with me and persuaded my gp to put me on a a.d. unfortunatley the zoloft made me incerdibly anxious and even more depressed. I spent a week staring at the fuse box in my house thinking should i or shouldnt i. Finally after 4 weeks of Hell the zoloft startimg working but only in not letting me sleep for 21 consecutive days when my gp came to his senses and took me off is a very dangerous drug, make no mostake. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones. The only time i have had a suicidal idea in my life was taking this drug.


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