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Professor Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry, UCD and Nora Broderick, product manager psychiatry, Lundbeck (Ireland) Ltd

I never had any dealings with psychiatry Ireland and neither had my son until after his death, when I had the audacity to state my opinion. I blamed lundbeck’s medication for what happened that night, which contradicted their stance on medication; deny, deny, deny any side effects of antidepressants.

I had never met Patricia Casey before Shane’s inquest and I have no problem with psychiatry Ireland attending Inquests, if they want to learn something from the medical expert on the day; Professor Healy. The problem I do have is why, under the circumstances would they send someone with a long history of working for lundbeck and the same company I am blaming for Shane’s death! Was she representing psychiatry Ireland or lundbeck that day? When the inquest was over and the jury rejected a suicide verdict and returned an open verdict, she actually came over and shook my hand, then afterwards she proceeded to read out a statement for RTE news…

“Speaking after the verdict was delivered, clinical psychiatrist Prof Patricia Casey, who was at the inquest representing the College of Psychiatry of Ireland, read a statement in which she expressed the college’s disappointment at the Coroner’s decision to not allow it give evidence.”

She said there were aspects of the evidence which the college took issue with and it would elaborate further on the details in the coming days. Where is your compassion woman? This was my son’s inquest, not yours. Link to their statement

There was a courtcase last year in the Irish courts against consultant psychiatrist Professor Casey and a consultant obstetrician. The case was taken by a little girls father who alleged that prescription drugs taken by the little girl’s mum during her pregnancy had caused birth injuries to his daughter (who in case you’re wondering, is by all accounts looking gorgeous and doing well). It was settled without admission of liability for 500,000. The one thing that stood out to me about this case is the fact that shortly before the settlement,a plea by Prof Casey of “contributory negligence” against the girl’s mum had been retracted. As if this mother hadn’t got enough stress with the court case and a little daughter to fight for, trying to blame her in some way is, to say the least, not very nice! Where is the compassion?

She has been described on one website as “Ireland’s psychiatric attack dog” and is frequently quoted in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent newspapers.

She has a long association with lundbeck and still is not aware of the side effects of these drugs?

Do I think it’s possible that any psychiatrist is not aware that all ssri antidepressants can in some instances, cause someone to commit suicide and/or homicide? Absolutely no way!

I wonder has any of them seen this youtube video or are there aspects of it that Irish psychiatry take issue with? Antidepressants

Below are some links to Professor Casey and lundbeck…

lundbeck Madrid Spain 2010


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13 thoughts on “Professor Patricia Casey…

  1. This is very interesting and really the post speaks for itself.. I had to laugh though when I read the last link with the new study done by lundbeck on depression in young men. Let’s cut straight to the point here. Pharmaceutical companies do not give a crap about depression in young men or anyone else for that matter. They want as many people as possible dependent and hooked on their anti-depressants.. They are not interested in what causes people to be depressed. These campaigns are drug marketing campaigns, they are not good-will campaigns to highlight the dangers of depression. They are trying to get as many people diagnosed as possible, and they know that the majority of those who are diagnosed will be prescribed drugs! We all know that depression has a risk of suicide, but how high is that risk realistically? They use this angle to scare people into taking medication!.. Life itself has a risk of suicide!.. Because life is full of despair, disappointment and pain.. The root causes for the majority of depressed people are psycho-social, to do with environment, neglect, abuse, upbringing, emotional distress, heartache, poor coping skills, stress etc.. So I wonder how does lundbeck’s medication make these psychological social factors magically disappear? Do lundbeck have a magic wand?..


  2. From the lundbeck seminar in 2003 it says that about 400 people commit suicide in ireland every year, it also goes on to state that up to 300,000 people are suffering from depression in Ireland at any given time.. This would give a rough ratio of a 1 in one hundred risk of suicide from depression. What I would like to know though is.. How many of those people who commit suicide each year were on SSRI’s? And how many had been treated by a psychiatrist? I bet that would they very interesting statistics.. Some SSRI’s , like Seroxat can make you seven times more likely to kill yourself when compared to a placebo.. So which is more dangerous? Ssri’s treated depression or non- ssri treated depression?.. Maybe lundbeck should do a study on that!


  3. .. It all boils down to ‘agenda’.. Drug companies are notorious for distortion..The biological drug treatment of ‘depression as a disease’ serves one purpose and one purpose only, it benefits the psychiatric agenda.. And it brings profits to the pharmaceutical drug cartels.. Nowadays though it is impossible to tell which is which.. Perhaps there is no distinction between them anymore? . .


  4. Hi Truthman,
    I can understand pharmaceutical companies denying the side-effects because they only care about profits and have no regard for human life, but what I don’t understand is why Psychiatry Ireland deny it. I honestly believe by their “failure to warn” that they are actually killing people. You know if this was just about Shane, I could forget it because I can never change what happened that night for anybody, and I can’t make people believe what I believe with all my heart but until we get the same warnings here in Ireland as the rest of the world…I just can’t stop!


  5. I think Psychiatry Ireland persists in denying the causal relationship between SSRIs and suicide (even though Lundbeck admits it) because they are afraid of losing speaker fees (see link to the symposium in Madrid) and other funding from Lundbeck.
    Dr. David Healy lost the position of Director in the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Canada because he made a presentation in Toronto in 2000 where he commented that SSRIs can lead to suicide. The University of Toronto, where psychiatrist Dr. David Goldbloom (who offered the position and then withdrew the offer) is a professor, receives funding from Eli-Lilly.


  6. Leonie, what you are doing is very admirable and noble, not just for Shane but for the many others who have been harmed by the psychiatric-pharmaceutical alliance. you are providing the information, and it should be easy for people to join the dots. And I agree with you, what they are doing does amount to that indeed/ ‘Failire to warn’ because of a possible vested interest, conflict or bias does seem to imply responsibility and accountability in my estimation. The way I see it is, what psychiatry has been getting away with is similar to what the Catholic church got away with for a very long time. The power of the church was once unquestinable in Ireland, psychiatry has been similar. It is an authoritarian regime, hostile to criticism and scrutiny. Because of the internet (and more awareness of the deception) they cannot get away with as much as they did before. This is a good thing.


  7. I agree with Julian, This could perhaps be the reason.

    think Psychiatry Ireland persists in denying the causal relationship between SSRIs and suicide (even though Lundbeck admits it) because they are afraid of losing speaker fees (see link to the symposium in Madrid) and other funding from Lundbeck.
    Dr. David Healy lost the position of Director in the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Canada because he made a presentation in Toronto in 2000 where he commented that SSRIs can lead to suicide. The University of Toronto, where psychiatrist Dr. David Goldbloom (who offered the position and then withdrew the offer) is a professor, receives funding from Eli-Lilly.

    Comment by Julian | April 20, 2011


  8. I think my estimation for the depression\suicide ratio was mathematically off, if it is calculated by the information stated by lundbeck in 2003, the risk of suicide for depression would be roughly one in a thousand.. Personally I do not believe for a nano-second that there are 300,000 people suffering from depression in Ireland at any given time (and these were pre boom stats- according to the lundbeck drug marketing barometer).. And there is certainly nothing even close to that suffering from ‘ clinical depression’ .. There could well be hundreds of thousands of pissed off, fed up and disillusioned people in Ireland at any given time though (particularly in the current climate).. But this hardly amounts to them all suffering from a ‘life threatening’ biological brain disease! Which of course must be treated immediately with lundbeck drugs dished out by Irish psychiatrists!.. Lundbeck are certainly good at scaremongering though, i’ll give them that.. Shame it’s all make believe though and has no logic, rationale or basis in reality, social, scientific or otherwise… The words that come to mind when reading their slick marketing literature are ‘ clever’ but ultimately ‘ utterly’ ‘ absurd’..


  9. Again back to lundbecks totally ridiculous stats on depression and suicide.. The population of Ireland is 4.5 million.. Lundbeck say that on average up to 300,000 people in Ireland are depressed at any given time, so they estimate that one in 15 people are suffering from depression in Ireland. Again according to their mental health drug-ometer.. Depression is under diagnosed because of stigma!.. So are they really saying that one in 5 are depressed or one in 3 perhaps?.. This is really quite laughable.. The stigma of depression is perpetuated by psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry, it is they who are producing the most literature about it, not the public, society or the averaged joe soap citizen.. It is they who are claiming it to be a disease, with life threatening consequences.. It is they who hide the truth about their treatments, which by my estimation are indeed more dangerous than anything else.. Yes depression can be life threatening, but for the majority of people it is not.. So therefore this is misinformation.. For most people depression will pass with the kind application of understanding, empathy, tolerance and compassion.. But you can’t market those and make a profit on them, so instead lundbeck choose to inflate and and focus upon the negative aspects of depression in order to sell the sickness to the public.. they aim to convince them that they need brain altering, highly toxic substances for feeling, reacting and thinking like a human being..


  10. In the link to Ms. Casey toes the drug company line when she states that “antidepressants are not addictive”. But the World Health Organization has characterized antidepressant drugs as addictive, since they produce withdrawal effects. But the drug companies call it discontinuation syndrome.


    1. Hi Julian,
      Thanks for that!
      The play on words seem to be a big part of drug company propaganda and should not be allowed by the medicines regulators…
      Discontinuation syndrome (withdrawal from addictive drugs). Then there is self harm and harm to others (suicide and homicide).


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