What was Pfizer thinking? Another family, Another drug, Another murder-suicide.


Did this man or his wife know that a judge in Birmingham is overseeing at least 1,200 lawsuits involving pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its stop-smoking drug Chantix.

Many of the lawsuits from smokers and their families claim the drug left them with a variety of psychological problems, including anxiety, aggressiveness and suicidal thoughts.

Was this man informed when he went to the doctor to get something to help him stop smoking, that chantix tops the list of “31 prescription drugs associated with violence”???

Of the 31 drugs, “the worst offender with the strongest association to uncontrollable, murderous violence–within days of ingesting the drug–is the smoking cessation drug, Chantix (varenicline), which increases dopamine: it ranks 18.0 in the proportional reporting ratio (PRR) with 408 cases of violence–including murder.  There are two other smoking cessation drugs that do NOT pose serious risks of violence.”

THIS DRUG IS ALSO PRESCRIBED  IN IRELAND (Can’t say that’s a surprise)

Simon Garner – 6th April, 2011 ..

Killer dad Andrew Case was taking powerful anti-smoking drugs – inquest Father Andrew Case, who is thought to have murdered his sleeping wife and two daughters before killing himself, may have been taking an anti-smoking medication with potential side effects of ‘depression’ and ‘anger’, an inquest has heard. . .

Andrew Case with daughters Phoebe (middle) and Nereya

The 33-year-old’s body, along with his wife Vicki, 31, and two little girls Phoebe, two, and Nereya, 18 months, were discovered at their home in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, on Monday July 26 2010. The bodies were found by Mrs Case’s mum Linda Haskell, 57, who entered the property when she had not been able to contact the family since the Saturday. She ran from the horrifying scene screaming: ‘They’re all dead – my babies are dead.’

Today an inquest into the deaths heard Mr Case had been prescribed the anti-smoking drug Champix because he had been trying to give up for a while. The Cases had just got back from a holiday to Weymouth, Dorset, and Vicki would not allow her husband to smoke around her or in their property.

Mr Case had been prescribed 28 of the tablets on July 10 to be taken twice a day, the hearing was told. A further 56 tablets were obtained by him on July 23, the day they got back from their break. The first prescription packet was found empty in the house and only 28 of the extra tablets were discovered, it was heard. Detective Chief Inspector Chris Fitchet, of Hampshire Police, said: ‘Andrew Case had been a heavy smoker and was keen to give up smoking which he had been trying to do for some time.

‘His GP has told us the drug may have significant side-effects regarding anger and depression.’

On the evening of July 24, Mr Case bought cigarettes, tobacco and a bottle of vodka from a local supermarket, the inquest heard. Breaking off from a drink at his local pub, The Crown, to rush to the Tesco store to buy the tobacco before it shut, he returned and shared a joke with another drinker. Mr Fitchet said: ‘The customer joked he couldn’t run another marathon: he (Mr Case) was known for running marathons.’ Mr Fitchet added: ‘We know from people we have talked to Vicki would not allow him to have cigarettes and tobacco in the house.

‘Another consideration is that in the previous week, the family had been on holiday and there may have been little opportunity for Andrew to obtain tobacco. ‘On returning home, he may have been quite desperate to have a cigarette.’ Pathologist Dr Basil Purdue said a post-mortem examination did’nt reveal any traces of the Champix drug in Mr Case’s blood. According to the doctor 50% of the drug leaves the system each day meaning that Mr Case would not have taken the drug for ‘probably several days’ before his death. Mr Fitchet said that police investigations had not revealed any clear motive or ‘trigger’ for the tragedy. .

The Irish Medicines Board…Advice for champix/chantix


No mention of the study reported in PLoS One and the fact that chantix tops the poll and is 18 times more likely to be associated with violence than ANY other drug on the market. This study investigated all drug reports mentioning homicide, physical assault, physical abuse, homicidal ideation or violence-related symptom.

Newspaper report

Another chantix case

chantix in the press

Suspicious study by Dr. Serena Tonstad who received funds from Pfizer for three smoking trials and as a consultant, finds no significantly higher rates of psychological side effects compared to those on placebo. Link

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