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Lundbeck To Blame Again?

Yet again, we see a report that a family has blamed citalopram (sold as Celexa and Cipramil) for the death of their loved one. Just like my son Shane (who was 22), this man's death followed very shortly after being prescribed the drug. Richard Green was aged 56 when he ended his own life, having… Continue reading Lundbeck To Blame Again?


Carol Andrews, Another Citalopram Victim.

This week we heard of another citalopram inquest, that of 50-year-old Carol Andrews, a former RAF steward who had 'it all to live for'. Carol died after consuming a lethal dose of citalopram (an SSRI antidepressant) and felodipin (used to treat high blood pressure). At the inquest, Carol's sister Sheila said her behaviour was noticeably… Continue reading Carol Andrews, Another Citalopram Victim.

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Get the Hippocratical Boat

Earlier this year, a formal complaint was submitted to the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) against its president Wendy Burn, and David Baldwin (Chair of its Psychopharmacology Committee).  The complaint stated that Professors Burns and Baldwin (in a letter published by The Times in February),  misled the public over antidepressant withdrawal by falsely stating that in the vast… Continue reading Get the Hippocratical Boat


Granddad Peter – Evil Perpetrator or Equally Innocent Victim?

Ireland has seen far too many murder-suicides for such a small country - with much discussion and no easy answers.  The usual knee-jerk reaction of 'evil bas**rd' hasn't helped to solve these cases or indeed, stop any future cases of familial annihilation. Psychiatry will often blame the 'underlying mental illness' of the perpetrator, whether or… Continue reading Granddad Peter – Evil Perpetrator or Equally Innocent Victim?


Never Mind The Science Bit – The Latest Antidepressant Research is Out.

  Roll up! Roll up! The 'latest' antidepressant research is out - 'Comparative efficacy and acceptability of 21 antidepressant drugs for the acute treatment of adults with major depressive disorder: a systematic review and network meta-analysis'. The revelations by Cipriani et al are indeed startling. The drugs known as 'antidepressants' are actually supposed to work. Imagine that?… Continue reading Never Mind The Science Bit – The Latest Antidepressant Research is Out.

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Dancing to the Piper’s tune..

What's wrong with the above image, you might ask? What harm could possibly be drawn from this innocuous, even noble concept? A 'charity' with links to a pharmaceutical company extolling the virtues of using psychiatric drugs (that the same company might manufacture) - no conflict here, let's move along. Hmm, actually, let's not. This twitter image was put… Continue reading Dancing to the Piper’s tune..


The Dead Don’t Lie – A Message From Beyond

A report published this month by ScotSID (Scottish Suicide Information Database) makes for very interesting reading. It specifically looked at deaths by suicide in Scotland between 2009-2015, the deceaseds' contact with mental health services and more importantly, the psychiatric drugs that were prescribed to them beforehand. Interestingly, I remember (after Shane's death) trying to find… Continue reading The Dead Don’t Lie – A Message From Beyond

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Jake’s Amendment Fails. And Yet..

  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing - Edmund Burke. I know, I know, this quote is painfully overused, but I couldn't think of a more appropriate one here. So, yesterday myself (and himself) went to Seanad Éireann (the Irish Senate) to witness the second stage… Continue reading Jake’s Amendment Fails. And Yet..

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Panorama – A Prescription for Murder. This week the BBC aired a Panorama documentary titled 'A Prescription for Murder' which has stirred some much-needed debate on the mind-altering effects of SSRIs. The very-astute presenter Shelley Jofre is known for tackling ground-breaking medical-related issues, including 'Who's Paying Your Doctor' and 'The Secrets of Seroxat'. (Due to the circumstances surrounding my son… Continue reading Panorama – A Prescription for Murder.